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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1985, No. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Upgrqding "Such a system would give computer `__ V Computer Ccpcbimy users located anywhere on campus easy N access to Computer Center facilities and a - Y University of Kentucky President Otis other campus computing facilities not , I I Singletary has announced a $2 million located within the Computing Center," . v M program to improve UKs computer Heath added_ l C ~ I i ii _, capability, a move which should drama- This system is important because I 2. ~.. i `I iill I ; tically benefit SfdfS, faculty and staff, over the next four years, 85 percent of the , I " ,,._`i} particularly in the area of research. faculty are anticipated to have computer , I ln making the announcement, Dr. terminals, Heath said. t ,, I ` Singletary said, "Computing is no longer Other expenditures from the $2 c ,, `, it an optional tool for academic programs; million commitment, said Heath are: JI Ws it is argecessity." b A data base management system V ( _ I ,# 6 commitment, says R0 ert for the mainframe computer which r _ Q Q _ Heath, director of university computing, would allow the manipulation of large I __;,__ t uwill allow US EO C&[CIlL1p with thelevelof volumes Of data On mainframe {Om- w _ _ tl., I mainframe computing resources that are puters as required by several academic I t "` l necessary for faculty research in these programs. C A Spcmsh Knight days and times." I General operating system soft- ai. More micro-Computers also will be ware for mainframe computer. ( Dr. john E. Keller, UK professor of purchased for use by students. Graphics hardware and software I Spanish languages and literatures, has ln terms of research, the $2 million for mainframe computer. I been knighted by the king of Spain for his to be spent over a two-year period Computer capability for visually research on medieval Spanish literature. will increase available mainframe impaired students. c The award, which is about two capacity,access toandflexibilityoffaculty Microcomputers for faculty and r l centuries old, specifically cited Keller's Computer use, Heath emphasizes. student use. ( outstanding work in furthering the The $2 million program isacontin- Microcomputers are becoming I understanding of Spanish culture. uation of the university's commitment to increasingly essential on college and I Another l.exingtonian, Mrs. C.V. improve computing resources. In thepast university campuses, says Heath, to ac- I Whitney, recently received the presti- 2% years, there have been other major commodate tasks not suitable for main- I gious honorary Dame award from Spain. improvements in the university`s frame or minicomputer work. Mrs. Whitney reconstructed a Spanish computing capability including the in- "Using amainframe for some types ,` t castle. stallation of a university-wide inter- of wor-ka" Heath Said, "would be like { Keller also was honored at a active instructional system in the using a bulldozer to build a flower t ceremony in early November at the Computing Center. garden." 1 Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta where In june 1983, a new IBM 5083 main- lEZlS"Y..MSlSZi LSIEFSZFE me tmm wi Miki in the fl V A i _ g. center or instructiona , researc , service ____ 5 Keller is a former president of the and administrative computing. _ ( association. This latest commitment will ( The University Press of Kentucky "approximately double the mainframe 5 published Keller`s most recent book capacity" within the Computing Center / ( "lconography in Medieval Spanish at UK. l l I Fiction" which was co-authored by Another specific commitment from ' = ( Richard Kinkade of the University of the $2 million will be the installation of ' I { Arizona. the "backbone" of a campus-wide lla], l l I Carlo Abella, Spain's minister for computer resource access system, Heath cultural affairs in the Spanish embass ' added lllf . . . . yin . ull i Washington, D.C., says no more than five l` . I { awards like that given to Dr. Keller are _ - .__-_,;;- \ granted in the United States by Spain f Pg ;` [ > - iii}-,-r:'r**& ` each year. "This is a famous order and one I? I . l of the oldest and top awards Spain l offers," Abella said. 2 UK I .