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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1985, No. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

1 Center fOr husband and donor insemination Ajrplcne Fuel pump programs; an in vitro (test tube) ferti- i lization and embryo transfer program, A University of Kentucky electrical l Help for infertile couples is on the way and an extensive educational network for engineering professor has received a with the announcement of a new UK fertility and reproductive disorders to be $45,713 grant to develop an improved center designated just for that prob1em_ available to patients, the public, and system of operating fuel pumps on The newly-established Center for health care professionals. military jet aircraft. E Reproductive Medicine in the Chandler Fifteen percent of all couples are jimmy Cathey's cycloconverter link A Medical Center has api-imary goal to help infertile and this new Center will afford DC (direct current) motor system would married couples have their own, natural them the state-of-the-art expertise of the replace conventional mechanical fuel children. Center staff. Already there are 50-75 pump systems on new aircraft. . Announced at a news conference requests on file at UK for the in vitro Present aircraft rely on gear-driven ()ct_ l2, the Center will be located in procedure. The cost for this procedure, fuel pumps connected mechanically to renovated space on the third floor of Wilson explains, nationally is about the jets engine turbines, with the speed University Hospital, which previously $3,000-$5,000 at those Centers where it is the pump operates determined entirely was occupied by the OB/Gyn Clinie performed. UK is looking at ways to by engine speed. Funds for the renovation will come from lower the costs by collecting the eggs The DC motor system would be clinical budgets, not state coffers, using non-surgical procedures. independent of the engines, and control- t The staff will include Dr, john W, One of the unique features of this able by the pilots. Cathey says this would Greene, jr., Professor and Chairman, Center is the adoption referral segment. enable control of fuel flow by varying the Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology, This program will not only provide fuel pump speed, eliminating the need UK College of Medicine; Dr. Emery A, information but will also include for a separate bypass valve. Wilson, Professor and Director, Division counseling. Additionally, the Center Will Developments of an electrically of Reproductive Endocrinology, Depart- offer fndiCal Cafe and/or counseling in H powered fuel pump is one example of ment of Obstetrics /Gynecology, UK nl1ff1b1 of other disorders of reproduc how aircraft are entering an all-electric College of Medicine; and Dr. Kenneth N. flV health. $11Ch S1ViCS inll1dZ birth era and abandoning traditional Muse, Assistant Professor, Division of defects involving the fpf0dtiV UHCI, mechanical or hydraulic controls and Reproductive Endocrinology, abnormal puberty, menopausal linages,Cathey said. Department of Obstetrics /Gynecology, syndrome and estrogen replacement UK College of Medicine. therapy, premenstrual syndrome, etc. According to Dr. Wilson, many of Dr. Robin Powell, dean of the UK Z the components already are in place and College of Medicine, notes that several Cglcium Crisis functional and the remaining should be factors led up to the implementation of operational in the next six to nine this Cff- He SKYS, "Th1 have l> Americans aren`t getting enough cal- months. $lgllif fSfl7 ifS$ in flTi$ f3; cium, and it's causing some serious health Specific features of the Center will fl1 need for fl1 P10gfam, and the problems, especially among women. include; a complete range of diagnostic dfnand f substantial, and UK has 21 Osteoporosis a thinning of the bones studies to determine the cause of a strong nucleus of qllaliiid physician- is present in one out of four caucasian i couple's infertility; a complete range of df0f-fSHfhfS Y0 Spafhtfad fl1iS women over the age of 65. Health experts ovulation induction treatments; a recon- wl-lWiS field will experience mi0f blame low calcium intake as a key factor. structive surgery program for congenital 3dV$ in fl'1 li-1f1 and W6 have fl7 UK extension nutrition specialist disorders and acquired anatomical Capabilities Y0 ddfSS fh$ d$" Darlene Forester says it's a myth that problems of the female genital tract; an V/ll$0 ddS, "Tht? 0mP1h$iV only children need large amounts of dairy , endocrine testing service; fertility micro- ff of hl$ Pmgfam will