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Image 2 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 1, August 1938

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

. > i_ Y l ’ ‘ THE SPECIAL HORTICULTUIRAL the cotntnercial t`rtilt crop in tlte state APPROPRIATION is below that of last year, l am sure i` . . _ every person who attends the l·`alr ‘ lagghiiiielizsit tsgsaims ssisgégg niill be expecting to see u good apple li ing for the employment of a bortlcul-· S lm" 4 turist iiiidgi- the auspices gf the Tilt: g8llQl`i.ll [ll`C1llll\lll list {Ol' 1935 g N · Experiment Station for the pin-pose of will be practically identical to that t ` enlarging the investigation or the ofthe past two years. The premium i i fruit problems in Kentucky, and og lists are not as yet available, but will i i ` providing new services to growers, be within a short time. Your county t i Those include 3 spray servlet; pro· tlgéllt Ctlll tltlllbtlcss provltle you with , " gram, publication of practical infor-. a prctniuin list as soon as they are on i mation, and holding of meetings and the Pl'<‘S=i- t - i fruit exhibitions. Any mats. tnotttttttg apples. t , J peaches, grapes or pears. which mat- l . ture ahead of State l·`air dates (Sep- l -. IIORTICULTURAL “`ORK AT \VES'l`· tember 12 to 17), should be shipped 1 ERN KENTUCKY EXPERllll‘}N'I` to the Kentucky State l"air, care of I _ t SUBSTATION the )lerchants' lcc and t‘oltl Storage f t ' S· J- S·tt~·**·*~t·<’¤··t $Q?E$§§"TJ%ii‘ tE;f"L‘.i?L?.l{i`·..£“;III‘ii`i‘.¥2..§Z"2i t ` For several years we have needed the grower and will be tlt·liver··d ln t the assistance of a resident horticul— the {air grounds by tlte fair tnnnag··~ t turist at the \\`esteru Kentucky EX- ment on tlte opening day of the fair. ` perimentt Snbstation, but on account of Notify M. Yi Niimii Siiimisl iti_"_ ""d“°"d ‘“°°'?‘** “'€ "i“"’ Elm ""°“ “b‘° mt·to·. t»spt—t—ttttty mnt-t·i·na.t,; ui.- 1tu·;.»t— t = tO afford mls help' “€ ful" mmh entries you plan to make, so that ade- ` giggggdqigi li; tittatte space can be 1`(‘S(‘l'\'t·(l for tht- ‘ , ' .· f , _ ` exhibit. 'l`he 40-tray and 40-platt- t tnckyrand to the \iestetn kentucky miiiiit, (iiSiiiuyS_ mgiiiiim. with iii., Experiment Substation at Princeton. .,i,_ii.iit, Hiiiiiiig (iiiai, Wim, t.t_i.t. iiiii.ii(._ ’ llis excellent training and experience iiw iii_i7`(_g _iq"iiit_i, iiiiw in [iw msi V T will enable him to render a most val- miwsc iii'i.,]t_;_`__\iiiiiiig imimiiii iii__ iiiuiio nable servicei to ll1f3’fI`Illl flllil lJ€l`l`Z*' (.i—t$· oi {lip exhibitor, while tlte lll1\l*‘ _ '_ grg;:_?1;l_?;Sg;§:;u$hii have his head- and singlei tray 'classes ln·i·oine — . , _ ptopeit; ot the applt show managi- o ; quarters here so we shall be able to mam f E secure a great deal of valuable help ‘ _ _ 4 ·‘ ’ * from him in carrying on our hoi·tiotii_ Mr, \\ .'ll. Armstrong. horttculturtst l _ tural experiments as well as have the at tlte \\cstcrn Kentucky substation t it pleasure ot cooperating with him in at Prinoeton. will be assistant manager _ 3 iQ tlte COI1duCt of any and all new invgsti- illlfl Will gladly help any amateur —, g gations w•hich may be matigm-atod at growers in arranging their exhibit. tg this Substatioiip iii git; Armstrong Any exhibits sent in will be arranged *- `· l E ,·"° the farmers and fruit growers have tt by the lllftnililertlcllt, should it be iin- ‘ lil borticulturist who is thoroughly qnnli. possible for the_exlnbttor to be on i V· i tioti to servo tiiom ami oaa with `\·hOm hand at the opening dates of tlte fair. or or ij.; they wiii {md it oasy and pleasant to Earlybentrigs a(i·cdp1·t¤fei·i·7oil biit [rmi —,__ fl wm.k_ ilnltigswle en ere nr ng t out ay ant at L. t y morning of the Fan. KENTUCKY STATE FAIR IFRUIT tlV€ ariehcfilllltlllil Oil [Ol‘lllt*l‘ eiitilt- _-It- l_ t. EXHiBir[· i ors ant ope many new ones wt w 5 . added to tlte list. in helping tnalte the ji i 5 lil. Y. NUNN, Sttpmwvttmirlrnl Stale was Smit, Fnii. Fiiiii Siimi. iivitii ini Fair H°"m`"H"""l H”"'H’H ter than it has been in the past. StmglS’ Kenmcm Professor C. S. Walttnau of the llor. During tlte past years the fruit tieulture Department. llnirersity of $Q’§,j$_· lijj exhibit has been one of the ontstand- Kentucky, will again be the judge. lle §_§;$~ ing features at the Kentucky State suggests that every care shoultl bt- jji; tif Fair. Naturally people expect, to see exercised to prevent tlte bruising of ,{tg};i?-i g tlte fittest products of tlte state on dis· fruits both at picking time and itt ;Z{zf`?7:'$ play and tell their friends about it packing for truttspotlatiott. Steins when they go back home. Exhibits should be in the fruits. and catch ex- rl such as we have had in the past can hibit, should be as uniform in size. {iff '`'' L only be made possible by cooperation shape and color antl as free ot` bletn- grg;=·J of our leading fruit growers. Even if ishes as possible. l 2 I ,' t ’ *‘ »W2'>@% ·~·.es>. ...., -. . . .