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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 1, August 1938

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

` ' i I habit of forming plants abundantly. crates was deducted hy the associa- {8 The Beaver was secured from a nurs- t.ioi1, Mr. Lowory received slightly sq ery in Minnesota and the plants were over $100.00 return for his halt acre 51 set at 1S inches. No thinning or of strawberries. _ m spacing of runners was done during liy way of prizes, Mr. Lowery won at I te the summer of 1937 and the condi- quantity of fertilizer donated by the 2 th tions were such that all varieties made Berry Association, together with a . ea excellent growth. Straw mulch was useful fountain pen and pencil st-i E 1). applied in December of 1937. The donated by Jos. Denunzio Fruit (foin ~ lt rainfall and temperature conditions 118.llY of Louisville, who were the mar- gi were nearly ideal this season which keting agents for the Urittendt-ii gr resulted in large yields. The season (Bounty Association. Needless to say. was unusually early and the berries Mr. Lowery is very proud of his win- iu _ ripened from 10 days to two weeks nings and is making plans to put out iu ~ in advance of a normal season. a new acreage of berries each year. CatskillA comparatively new va- and by the time ho ilnishes lligh fr riety, is showing high yields. Two School hopes to derive enough mon:-y |i year tests indicate that it is a berry from the sale of strawberries to allow in of good quality with good shipping him to enter college. ' ca I qualities. The organizations sponsoring this The Aroma variety is not adapted enterprise needless to say are quin- to the Lexington Section and was not proud of the success of this piojtct included in this test. und hope to continue it imlellnitt-ly, iii srimwnnnnirzs AS A rnoiizcr SlMiiEiUgr:F'i`iNG WESTERN Fon 4-H AND F. F. A. ennns * { ' PYLE ANH ii. Pl\111!iJS and from thi- giaiog n. ngioomont was that tno ohio nionibois oi lleiiiicssec, lllinois. Missouri and O; would return ono ornto ot U_ S_ No_ 1 Indiana attended this meeting. - ; berries to the association for each Oiniiiiii, ioi.ii > . aglilugrisfuigggegbpiiglligtii fil.? ii,;fig,i {QQ,ii.i'ii"$".""i_ "}S"$ _" . plants under these terms. According iii_Cii,irii ` wiriin ii `lpgiiii }l}d })"'! til i . to the agreement each boy or girl was turn; inn i_ii_r i_ l__i wad wlisui 'l` to plant, fertilize and cultivate the iirnriinr c_"i(ii;=_ _i""v_ _iL_til<{ l*