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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 1, August 1938

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

' 1 t~ terraced under thc direction of tlte tott, led tlte discussion on tlte question y Soil Conservation Service. W. li. of delaying tlte picking dates of the it- Sntith, Project Engineer, explained thc peach crop so that peaches of higher ntetltod ttsed itt building tltis niangtnn quality would be available. lf allowed tt terrace, as well as tlte newer type of to tentaitt on the trees for a few days e tlte broad base terrace. He also after tlte ttsttal commercial picking a called attention to tlte fact that U. S. time, peaches will increase one-tltird t ll. A. Tccltnical Bulletin No. 1789 on itt volume. During tltis time tlte .t- Terracing, was available and that lt starehes itt the peach turn to sugar r- gave a thorough discussion of tlte attd greatly add to tlte quality of tlte , n subject. frttit. y, Dr. Doran stated tltat the cost of .\1. Y. Nttittt, of Sturgis, Kentucky. it- terracing sonic ZUU acres of his l`arm wlto will serve as superintendent of it averaged abottt $1.50 per acre. the fruit exhibit at the State 1`ait tr .\notlter featttrc of tlte day was the tltis year, asked f`ot cooperation of h free fish fry at noon, provided by tlte tlte growers itt preparing tltis exhibit ty l`rnit Growers of Graves (Bounty. Two at tlte fair. I w hundred pouttds of fteslt crappie attd ' eatfislt were consumed, l.liSl'lZll-.Z\ Soil vs, (;lj1.'1`1\'.\'1'1f)N tx tttt; ir; 1t:.ttn ()nctt.xt:n [_, A 1`t:w ()111N .\tn '1``0Hl`illl 01lUll1'*il- W- U l`lll the Yopp-Micltael1{ost-ttfield contnter- _ strong, llorticulturist, lrinceton Sub- eial ptal`- lllil _"UlY _].ii.; }{ti;r_ Cotmftt .43/Nl?. 1 ._ eonttol method known to date ts to \I(_Cl__u_kOu Cumv ij * dig out the diseased tree. A young ` LQ tree may he re-set where the old tree A few years ago the insect known 5} ,"` was removed witltottt fear of it be- as crown borer gave promise of cans- '"I eonting ai'fe