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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 1, August 1938

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

was to accompany Dr. Ritcher and INSECT ENEMIES FIGHT MAN'S Mr. W. W. Magill on an inspection BATTLES IN KEN'lUCKY trip in the county, to start a detailed ORCHARDS (\ study of the crown b0ll- p_ ()_ Rwenmgl Entomology Dpur! Ml We called upon Mr. C. M. Seaton, ,,lc,ll_ U,l;,l,6,S;;y of Kcmllckll wl1o was reported to have suffered lu . heavy borer injury. On visiting Mr. We usually sive u lot of crcdlt lo xi ` Seg_tchg heyyy patch we found that {110 WIl[h6l' fllld to SDI`8.y pl`OgI'llllIS LE I this insect had destroyed more than f()I' COIl[l`Olllllg lllSBC[ p88[B of pD.ChB, half Of his pg_[ch_ In lcgg than {hre HDDIBB, illld [>ll\HlS. OHBII, \lllllO[lC(1 minutes Dr. Rltcher had picked up by Ul Sl0\\l, llllwcl 0ll3ml of Ul9 19 three of the adult crown borers around ll