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67 > Image 67 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 27 (1959-1960)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

ARTS AND SCIENCES 67 )r_ BACTERIOLOGY The Department of Bacteriology as its contribution to a curriculum devoted tie to the liberal arts, oEers courses for students who wish to learn about microbes, ams their eHects on human and animal health, and their use as tools in many indus- ` tries, as well as for students who wish to make microbiology their profession. The non-professional student becomes acquainted with many fundamental biological principles through the study of living things seen only with the mnt microscope. For the professional student the department affords opportunity to all gain the A.B. or B.S. degree with bacteriology as a major, and it also provides a km: curriculum in Medical Technology. In addition, the department offers the M.S. tion degree in the various fields of bacteriology, and the Ph.D. degree in the fields {md of morphology and physiology of microorganisms, immunology and serology, uh}, and public health bacteriology. li1d_ The Degree of B.S. in Medical Technology ing, The University of Kentucky, in afliliation with the Good Samaritan Hos- Oms pital, is registered, through the Department of Bacteriology, as an approved fac- school for the training of medical technologists by the Board of Registry of the mts American Society of Clinical Pathologists, and by the Council on Medical jted Education and Hospitals of the American Medical Association. mk, The Medical Technology curriculum may function as a pre-medical cur- riculum since it includes all the requirements of the American Medical Associa- for tion and the Association of American Medical Colleges for entrance to Class A 5 medical schools, provided the student has a reading knowledge of a foreign ) H 1 mb. anguage. for Curriculum Leading to the Degree B.S. in Medical Technology [mei FRESHMAN YEAR an First Semester Crs. Second Semester Crs. alt English 13 3 English lb 3 irate Chemistry la 5 Chemistry 1b 5 du- lgactcriolrigy 2a 2 Eagteriohogy 2b 2 o o r o any the Phgsigld/l Education 1 Physical Education 1 Military or Air Science (2) Military or Air Science (2) DC- 17 17 that mm- SOPHOMORE YEAR Call First Semester Crs. Second Semester Crs. Zoology 27 4 Chemistry 22 5 Physics la 5 Physics lb 5 the Bacteriology 56 4 Bacteriology 57 4 [tic,] Humanities 4 Humanities _ 2 th Milita1y or Air Science (2) M1hl.ary or Air Science (2) the 17 16 idies JUNIOR YEAR lS in First Semester Crs. Second Semester Cr!. Zoology 101 4 Zoology 104 3 Con' Bacteriology 103 4 Bacteriology 125 5 art Foreign Lang. 3 Foreign Lang. 3 .l Bacteriology 1104; S Bacteriology 110b 3 g m Anatomy & Phys. 10 5 Zoology 106 4 1 the _ Bacteriology 118 0 rsses fg QQ