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10 > Image 10 of Guide to civilian organizations. Garrard County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

- 4 Gerrard County Homemakers isseciaticn(Continued) V , Membership: 255. Open to any homemakers interested in learning more about _ Q }'1OE.'1CZ'.1C`.lCiI'lg Committees: Citizenship, Mrs. Goebel Pcndletvn; Publicity, Mrs. John Land; _ Gardening, Hrs.Emmett Carpenter, all of R. R.5$3, Lancaster; Landscaping, I Irs. Jess Gully, Star Route, Lancaster; Rccreatinn, Mrs. B.-NL Fortenberry, g Lcnesster. i Purprsc: To extend to homemakers the opportunity to study homemaking prob- is lens under trained leadership. I 6 Kernel Civic Activities: Cooperating with Red Cross, schorl lunch room and Q community beautification projects. Q Defense Activities: Interested in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dress- Q ings, TJ Criss Assistance, First nid, Preparation and Serving of Feed, Coll- g ection of Scrap Metals and Other Hctals, Discussion Leaders. Lccal Publications: "Nemm Letter" (quarterly). ` QQ LnDlAS nPKlLlnRY, FIPS? PRFSBYTERlnY CHURCH {Board of Eational and Foreign l jissions,.Presbyterian Church, U. S. A.), c/b Hrs. F. P. Frisbie, Lancaster. QQ Founded ld84. President, Tws. Frank Conn, Lancaster. Secretary, Mrs. F. P. , Frisbie. Telephone 228. Terms expire February, l945. gd Membership: QC. Desire to build the Kingdom of God at hone and abroad. Q; Committees: Golden Rule Circle, Hrs. J. B. Toads; Fidelis Circle, Mrs. F. d P. Frisbio; Mary [artha Circle, Mrs. Lewis Breaddus; Circle 3, Irs. John F . 1 Scott, all of Lancaster. pl Purposr, To build the Kingdom of God vdtn service, gifts, and prayer. l .,n__ ,_._.. _,. . _ , ._ ` L Lcrxal bivic nctivitiesz Missionary extension work. g .$ Defense Activities: Engaged in Seving and Preparation of Surgical Dress- ings, Qcd Cross nssistance, First nid, Collecting Books. Locxl Publications: None. _y d< . i ROT.PY CLUB OP LLKXSTER (Rotary International), c/o B. M. Fortenberry, Lan- ` ig caster Founded lCJ5. President, F. I. Fhlburn, Kengarlan Hotel, Lancaster. ' Z? ielephone l7. Srcrvtary, 5. I. Fortenberry. Telephone 20. Terms expire July, E l93. 4 as lcmbership: Bl. Qu lificaticns, business and pnofessienal non of good ehara- tf cter. _ _ _ 4 * V V : ~,`