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11 > Image 11 of Guide to civilian organizations. Garrard County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

Z./ E2 ' J - r * Q Rotary Club of Lanoaster(Continued) { Cmxnigtgcg: Club Service, Chas. Thompson; Vocational Service, Robert Drenncn; L "**TZ7*h - -r ... S; _Internutionul eervico, R. n. Gabbert; Community Service, Chris Purdon; Class- ig ificatien and Mcrfoership, Dr. V. Kimaird; Fellowship and Attendance, Addis g Britt, all of Lancaster. Q Furpose: Promotion of high ethical standards in business, fellowship and advan- gi eerent of international understandin_. - s C - {Q Normal Civic Activities: Sponsor 4-F Club and working for organization of jg Board cf Commxrce. *` $ ' ' g` Defonsomhctivities: Engaged in Red Cross Lssistance, First nid, Collection Q of Scrap Eotals and Other Metals. J K Local rrblicationsz hone. ~ _ } TKELMS CLUB OF LLNCASTER"(Kontucky Federation of Woncn's Clubs; General Ped- l_ it eration of Wonen's Clubs), e/o Hrs. Arthur Rankin, Box Ql, Lancast r. Founded ` Ml9O7s President, Hrs. Arthur Rankin. Telephone l5F4. Secretary, Irs. J. C. C Johnston, R. R.=#l, Lancaster. Telephone 22-F3. Terms expire June, 1945. I l T Membership: 52 . Open to socially rrprosentativo women residents of Lancaster. } Cmmlittoes: Defense. Mrs. V} C. Kinnaird; Gardon,_Irs. H. Clay Kaufiian; Sal- ._ i vago and Community,Mrs. E. C. Gaines; Red Cross, Miss Bertha Gill; Library, E Mrs. L. G. Davidson, all of Lancaster. Purpose; Ehitod effort for community improvenent and tho best interest of. huxxjpri ty . ;j Normal Civic Jctivities: Cooperating with Rod Cross, Library Extension and { other civic organizations. , 4 _ a Defense Activities: Engaged in Red Cr ss Assistance, First Lid, Collection Q of Scrap Hctals and Cthcr Hotels, Library Sorviec, Collecting Books, Public ` Speaking. Training for Sewing and Trzparation of Surgical Dressings, Prep- sr sration and erving of_Fo;d. lntorostod in Hospital and Clinical nssistance, L Operation of Canteens, Child Care, Entertoinrent, Recroation. Q Local Tublications: None. V ` - _ -, , i . H -. . L UO]nNS HiSSlCUnRY SOCIETY, GEQISTIHN CHCPCL (national .bnons missionary Sooietv),c/b Hrs. Clay Kauffman, Maple Avenue, Luncastor. Founded 1900. ,_ President, Mrs. Clay Kauffman. Telephone 25. Secretary, Irs. Theodore Curroy, I Kaplo Lvenue, Lancastcr. Telephone 40. Executivs Sccretory, Irs. J; H. Jonn- V r' * .~, . r I ` -m _'. y, g lhgs, Richmond Street, Lancaster. Telopn~ne l48. Terms expire June, l9Qo. , a Ybwbershipg 52. Ono; to chrrch women willing to aid cause by pnayor and 1- l Service. .