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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Garrard County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

u g - j AMERICAN RED CROSS, AGRRARD COUNTY CHLPTER (American National Red Cross), f Police Court Building, Lancaster. Founded 1917. Chairman, C. H. Purdon, Lan- f caster. Telephone 74._Secretiry, Hrs} Nancy NL Burton, Box 559, Lancaster. y Tolephonel7. Terms expired September, 1942. V g Nembership: l060. Qualifications, annual contributions of one dollar or . over. " _ " . 4 ` . f Committees; Home Service, F. P. Frisbic; Surgical Dressings, Nell Pelphrey; `vi, First nid, Addis Britt; Disaster Relief, Dr. V. G. Kinnuird; Roll Call, Col- g onel Hammonds; Production, Mrs. Theodore Currcy, all of Lancaster. _g Purposee Emergency oid in event of disaster. Acts as liaison agency between { the members of thcLrmcd Forccs_and their families. Normal Civic Activities; Production of clothin teachin first aid nutr~ E ____.... -._.___..,.,- ition classes, muking surgical dressings, cooperating with the chairmen of g Civil 0cfins, _ Q; Defens: netivftios; Engaged in Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Led Cross i nssistnrzc, First nid. Training for Sewing und Propiraticn of Surgical Dress- lf ings, First Aid. Preparation end Serving of Food, Operction of Canteens. % Intcreuted in Kotcr Corps Service, jmbulonce Service, Public Speaking, Typ- cg vl--- :-~ :%r -- , . , . ing cnr L ner Clerical nssistcncc. Vg . (,.2 in Local Publfcdtions: None. . , _li~_-._-_' --_r;A__`1 i ll 4 if ~ B01 SCuUA 0* QYDRICL, LANCASTER TROOP=#l15 (National Boy Scouts of America), @ c/0 L. F. ft wart, Lancaster. Founded l959. Scoutmaster, L. F. Stewart. Tel- ij ephone Tl. l-m.cxpires January, 1945. _ Members iw; upon tc boys l2 to 18 yours of ag; able tc pass Scout test ond gi ]"(_, (_11l_j_II'`L7`Z :.. S. 4 .. .L..', . 1 , ,. . ' 'LY (11 T 1 T) Tv Comnicetos; irocp, Jnrid n. snipp, C. L. Puroon, J. N. nuseldon, ull of og LsncGstv. 4 Q% w Purpesc; Chirectcr building and citizcrship truining. ' "crucl Ciyic Activities: Coopcrates with civic groups. Distributes Federal and Civic For Posters. Q ist .. _;5.'f Defense Qctivities: Jngaged in Collection of Scrcp lotsls and Other Metals. ii Local Publications: Nine. . .4 4 " g ` ` r . C @ DLUGHTQTS CF nTERICnN/DEVOLUTIOI, JOAN NLLCCLM MILLER CHVPTER (Naticnal _ Q3 Society, D. M. H.), c/o Hrs. Lnna Burnside Drown, Lancaster. Founded 1915. VQ President, Irs. Anne Durnsido Brown. Secretary, irs. John Tribble, Lon- yi r~tc . 'T- - .-- G , _ 1, `1" castei. Ielephonc 2cFlo. Treasurer, irs. Guy Davidson, Lancaster. Terms % expire l95. ig 1 Y;T;` , 1.,