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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Garrard County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

4 Qi. ifi IE ~~- 5 - Q Daughters of American Revolution, John Malcolm Miller Chapter(Continued) L`- {rf} { Eemborship: 25. Open to lincal descendants of those who aided the American 3 cause in the Revolution. 4Committeos: Conservation, Mrs. John Gribblc; Music, Mrs. Hemer.Jennings; Q .Junior American Citizens, Mrs. H. Clay rsurrmann; Genealogical and Historical Q; A Research, Hrs.Anna Burnside Brown,all of Lancaster. ' {J Purpose: To perpetuate the memory and spirit of the mon and women who schievod je Lneriean independence and to foster patriotic citizenship. . 1 p Normal Civic Lctiiities: Cooperating with Red Cross, Civilian Defense and , Salir.Qc ,rtittec; : ' " V _ . Defense Activities: Interested in Salvage Donolition`Service, Icter Csrps ,_ Servirig bxiing and Preparation of Surgical Dressings, Red Cross lssistance, 1a Firsm nid, Preparation and $er?ing gf Food: Child Care, Collection of Scrap let;Vo and Cther Metals, Collecting Decks, Research Assistance. ) `, 2S S I - . . ` . { Locwi Publications: None. s c . H l i" "" ";"""""""*" l { G;R2nU COJITY 4K Club (Agricultural Extension Service, University of Kent- uckvl, Puo ic Square, L ncaster.Feundedl9l8. President, D rothy Hams, R. [ R.;}, Lancaster, Secretary, Timothy O'He&rn, R. R.=5l, StRfTd Turns expino Y;vcnbcr, lQ2. Advisors, B. TL Fortenberry; County Agent; gnna K. Evans, jh D. A., Telephone 5lO. Torws indefinite. _ L) 3 . _ _ V ' ya Ienbprilipz Open ta-rural Favs and girls the are cnrryiu; agricultural prej- , _ect e;i giipinp record of same. - , ,. 1 l Club; and TiccPresidcnts: Divistown, Ceerpir L Hayfield; It. Hebrew, Dixie . McT?ll;r; hrena Vista, Junior Baylor; Camp ucx Elizibcth Wulley; Piiit Lick, - Cecil lei; Kull;tt; Owens'Chapel, Hugh Sinps ng Buckeye, Jiumy Ray; Buckeye y #2, Ndna Preston; Hullett, Edna Dickerson. C Puraese: Education of rural boys and girls in improv;d aqricultrral practices tp and home economics. . M , Normal Civic gctiviticsg Qgoperating in Salvage Scrap Metal throughout the r C O 'Lhllf y . I L - $ E Dcfcllsg ILC-tj-vitics: Emgggcd in C"{jj_f)]7_ if Cj(;j_p ls fllld Ob]!'lC,I` Meereatien, Public cpeaking. it . . - g Local Publications; hone. C ` y GnRR;RD COUNTY HO El;KQS ;SSOClnTlOH (National Homemokors Asscsiatien), e/o Lnnz K.Ev;ng, H_ D; ;_, Lancaster. Founded l920. Presidnt, hrs. Jones U. wanders, Star Route, Lancaster. Teltphine llP-l2. secretary, Lilly Liu ICULCT, r , , L ru " , 4~-*' . R- R.#5,"Lancastcr, Telephone 8-r-ld. fwlmS expire ccptember, 1944. Hxeeueivc 2 Secretary, Ann; K. Evans, Lancaster. Tern indefinite. , V,