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883 > Page 883 of History of the First Kentucky brigade.

FIRST KENTUCKY BRIGADE. 883 ward with the Army of Teunessee, and accompanied it on the Nash-ville campaign. pOLUMBUS NEWTON, Nelson County, Ky, was transferred from \J McClung's battery, October 13, 1862. Fought at Chickamauga, after which he was detailed as blacksmith, and served as such duriug the remainder of the war. N. OVERALL, Nelson County, Ky, was left sick at Gallatin, Tenu, February, 1862, and died there. ELIJAH OSBORNE, Nelson County, Ky, was killed in battle at Shiloh, April 6, 1862. FOSBORNE, Meade County, Ky, fought at Shiloh, and was . wounded there ; at Baton Rouge, and was wounded again. Died of disease early in 1863. JOHN O'BRIEN, Nelson County, Ky, was discharged on account of disability by disease, December, 1862. JOHN B. PIRTLE, Louisville, Ky, fought in the ranks at Shiloh, where he attracted the attention of Colonel Trabue, who, after the return to Corinth, had him detailed for duty as clerk in the office of his A. A. G, and he was some time aid-de-camp. He was assigned to duty. July, 1862, as adjutant of the Thirty-first Mississippi Infantry, on application of Colonel Orr, and recommended for appointment to that position. At Baton Rouge, he was acting lieutenant-colonel of the Thirty-first Mississippi, and was complimented, after the battle, for gallantry and skill. He was then recommended by Colouel Orr, Colonel Trabue, and General Breckinridge, for a commission iu the Regular Army of the Confederate States. When the Kentucky Brigade started north, September, 1862, he gave up his position with Colonel Orr, and went to Knoxville with Colonel Trabue, as temporary aid. He here obtained authority from General Breckinridge, based upon an order from the War Office, to raise a company of infantry in Kentucky, and set out for that purpose in advance of the division, but returned with Bragg's army. In March, 1863, he was commissioned by the President, second lieutenant for "valor and skill," and assigned to Company D, Fourth Kentucky, but was immediately thereafter made additional aid-de-camp and provost marshal for General Helm, and served in this capacity till the death of that officer. When the army went into winter-quarters at Dalton, he was assigned to duty with Colonel Cofer as adjutant of the post; and when the spring campaign opened, he was chosen for staff duty with General Bate, and was afterward promoted to be captain and A. A. G. He served with General Bate, during the remainder of the war. He took part in the various