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931 > Page 931 of History of the First Kentucky brigade.

first kentucky brigade. 931 to alphabetical arrangement or non-commissioned rank: J. R. Dudley, J. II. Brindley, and G. E. Sarlls, who were at different times first sergeants; W. E. Etheridge, also a sergeant; David Watts, -Sandifer, James Donoh, T. C. Carnhill, B. F. Perdue, Henry Williams, John Leonard, John Thomas, R. F. Lear, W. Osborne, John A. Ryer, Charles B. Scott, L. A. Fuqua, Reuben Clarke, J. H. Woolfolk, Stephen Gordon, Wm. Orr, A. Doom, J. Edwards, - Boatwright, G. Gray, L. Green, M. Smith, J. Haron, Riley Mitchell, James W. Gobin, W. S. Johnston, Joseph M. Barnett, Martin Rafter, S. Crevison, Levi Jones, Sergeant Wayne, and Corporal J. F. Hawes. Of these, we find that Sergeant Etheridge and privates Watts and Sandifer were killed at Hartsville; T. C. Carnhill, B. F. Perdue, Henry Williams, John Leonard, John Thomas, and R. F. Lear were wounded at Hartsville; and Sergeant Wayne and Corporal Hawes were killed at Murfreesboro'. It would afford us great pleasure to publish the entire list of names, engagements of each, and casualties; but the attentive reader will be at no loss to discover that they were not only an important part of their brigade, but that they challenged the admiration of "superior officers throughout the war, as no report of their division or brigade commanders was made without complimentary allusions to " Cobb's Battery." THE END.