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Image 7 of Annual report. 1890

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

¢‘ I l 1 T _ ' ` ANNUAL REPORT _ ‘ i < —·OF TH l•I— iv L M Kentucky Agt·icnltu1‘·al Expcriiinont Station l0 V ‘ Z FOR ZLSQO. , y ` REPORP OF 'l`I·IE DIRECTOR. f l Our investigations which havo been carriefl lar onough along I to show results, have boon published in tho Bulletins of tho year i ni which are l11COl‘]_)>I‘2`L/DBLI in this report. Tho lines of iavestiga- MZ 'A 2 vtion have almost wholly been confined to lield oxpoiimonts and _l _ __ chemical work, and investigation: and the study of G/iliQOlI]OlOg— y 1 ical and botanical subjects. it 1 In the Chemical Ll`LlUOl'Zii~>I‘}', piactically, the same lines of A 1 t - work were continued this your as hei·etoYoi·e plazmod out. The _1 S stuily of tha composition ol the conn plint was c mtiuuoll in ,* O ·COllI1€Cl}l()I'l with tho eXpoi·im+nts ml»esell in Bulletin number I y y 28, and pttrtial resuts w are pu`>lishe¢l in that Bulletin. yn , g Q In addition to th's, somt· analytic il work was done i11 connoc- I U tion with fo tiling €X1l€l`llllliIllS, ro