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The Kentucky Kernel, April 2, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KY. APRIL 2, 1920 VOL. X. I U. K. RAISES ONE HALF OF COUNTY'S QUOTA No. 24 "The Climbers' Stroller Production, Is Ready for Presentation Thursday Night BLUE RIDGE PROGRAM AT JOINT Y Received From Letter Film of "Land of the Sky" Chairman of Marne Is Shown; National SecMemorial Campaign COMEDY DRAMA POPULAR; SEAT SALE FOR 1920 PLAY SURPASSES ALL retary Talks FORMER RECORDS; WINNER OF AD. CONTEST TO amount of $169.11 of the Motion pictures and speeches about accredited to Payette County In the BE ANNOUNCED. Blue Ridge composed the program for One-hal- f Marne Memorial Campaign had been raised by the University of Kentucky on March 27, the date first set for closing the campaign. However, the time has been extended one week In order that the county schools may make up their quota. Professor C. R. Melcher has received the following letter of thanks from W. L. Threlkeld, campaign chairman for Fayette County: "Permit me on behalf of the Marne Memorial Organization to thank most cordially the young women of the University who so efficiently worked to obtain the contribution for "America's Gift to France." "I know you will believe me sin cere when I say that the results have exceeded our expectations, and are a most substantial evidence of the spirit of sympathy with the object of the Most Marne Memorial Association. hearty .thanks are due to the entire student body, who have so generously responded to the appeal and have shown that the friendship between our country and France is shard by the young men and women of our own Commonwealth. What these young people have done will strengthen the ties which were formed between France and the United States during the struggle of the American Colonies for Independence, and which were signalized by the bravery, and gallantry, and munificent generosity of LaFay-ett- e who cast his life, his sword and his fortune, into the struggle for our liberty. "Will you not convey our thanks and appreciation to the young men and young women who haVe so generously assisted us?" STUDENTS TO MAKE LIST OF GREAT MEN Contestants to Select From List of Renowned Heroes the greatest the world's history from a list A prize of $50 will be given to student who selects the 25 men In of 123, submitted by Professors Glan-vlll- e Miller and Terrell, Professor Professor Tlgert, who composed the committee appointed by the Senate. Accompanying the selection must be given as concisely and pointedly as possibly the reasons for each name chosen. The characters chosen are confined generally to those who form a part of our Western civilization. All biblical characters, and noted persons now living and those who died recently are omitted for obvious reasons. According to the committee, the de-- TWO NIGHT PERFORMANCES DECIDED ON BY THE MANAGEMENT the Joint meeting of the Y. W. and Y. M. C. A. Sunday night at Patter son Hall. Miss Amanda Nelson, a National Board representative, gave a short talk about some of the problems which will be discussed at the Y. W. C. A. convention to be held In Cleve land April 13. "A peace program is to be decided upon," she said. "Worldwide interest in girls and women; the stand to be taken on industrial problems, and the basis for student membership are some of the Important questions which will come up for discussion." Adele Slade then gave a brief sketch of the setting of the Blue Ridge conference, describing the trip of the delegates and the wonderful, natural beauties of the place itself. Lora Robertson told about one day's program beginning with reveille at 6:30 a. m. and going through morning watch, classes, discussion groups, committee meetings, dinner, quiet hour, athletics, stunts, supper, singing and night services to taps. George Gregory, who said that the girls seemed to have done as much in one day as the boys did in ten, gave only an appropriate quotation from "Thanitopsls" and turned the rest of the hour over to Mr. Owens who operated the motion picture machine and explained the pictures of Blue Ridge scenes as they went along. After the program, refreshments of ice cream and cake were served. Just a week remains until the Uni As Dick Sterling, gambler and waster, types; Clara, spoiled, indulged, selversity will assemble in the Opera but magnetically attractive, Frizzy fish is filled by Louise Connell who House for the biggest event of the has the confidence of the entire Uni will appear in the play despite her University calendar, until that final versity in his ability to fill this diffi- painful accident f March 19. Miss Connell, a popular freshman, won the breathless hush, when the orchestra cult role. suddenly quits Miserer-erinThe part of Ned Warden, friend of prize on the Amateur Night program and the curtain rises on the first scene in the Sterlings, and a clean, honorable for the individual skit. Jessica HunThe Climbers." Rehearsals under American, is filled by Milton Revill, ter, good, sympathetic, the skillful direction of Herndon Ev whose talent was displayed in the for- allows Carlisle Chenault of the "Unans, stage manager, and Professor mer Stroller production of "Mice and der Cover" cast to exhibit a delightful Enoch Grehan's supervision find "The Men." Mr. Revill is using a remark- gift for dramatip expression. She was Climbers" now practically ready for able force and restraint in the delinea- on the cast of "Overtones," produced production on Thursday, April 8, and tion of his part. in the Campus Playhouse the night again on April 9, for the manager has Miss Mary Elizabeth Downing is of the formal opening. The Stroller Advertising Contest, decided that a second performance one of the first women of the Univerwill be necessary to accommodate all sity to receive the honor of being lead- managed by Dr. Tigert among the pa ing lady in her freshman year. Her pils of his advertising classes is arous who have applied for tickets. The drama starts with a funeral and emotional acting as Blanche Sterling ing much enthusiasm. The winning ends with a suicide," but Screech, as is receiving the praise of competent ad will appear in the city papers and 'Trottuh," Elizabeth Marshall as Miss critics. Miss Downing has appeared the prize offered is a ticket to "The Godesby, cynical, hardened woman of in several one-ac- t plays before Uni- Climbers." the smart set, and Claribel Kay as versity and Lexington audiences. Ed. Gregg was the winner in the Miss iMartha Buckman, as Miss program cover design contest. Tick Mrs. Hunter, vain, frivolous widow, aunt ets for the play are selling fast. furnish most amusing characteriza- Ruth Hunter, the splendid-souletions and all the laughs that a Stroller of the Hunter daughters, Is one of the Wednesday the downstairs seats were play always puts over. However, al most charming characters in the play. all sold with the exception of four ways aiming toward a more difficult Miss Buckman had the part of Mrs. rows, five rows in the balcony are al test of their ability, the Strollers this Rossimore in "The Lion and the ready sold, and boxes have been reseason chose "The Climbers," by Mouse" and is one of the outstanding served for a month by fraternities, Clyde Fitch, a comedy-drama- , but dom- students in the University in dramatic represented in the cast. Students are circles. With her plays Preston urged to see Robert Raible, business inated by a serious note. It is the dramatic story of Blanche Cherry, who as Mason, the family law manager, in the Stroller Room, at the gentle fifth hour daily and engage seats ImSterling's striving toward happiness, yer, a sensible, matter-of-fac- t his recognized mediately in order not to be disapof Dick Sterling's disastrous struggle man, is displaying pointed. for wealth, of Mrs. Hunter's humorous ability. Johnny Trotter, campaign for the highest rungs of the The entire cast of "The Climbers" GENERAL SUMMERALL a foolish young social ladder. Blanche Sterling finds person, also climbing toward the cov is the following: Richard Sterling, TO SPEAK AT CHAPEL happiness but only after a bitter sea eted social heights, is well taken by Emery Frazier; Ned Warden, Milton son of waiting and sorrow; Dick Ster Grover Creech, '19 stage manager, who Revill; Mason, Preston Commander of First Division Will Be Frederick Johnny ling in his struggle for wealth, kills is predicted a decided hit of the eve- Cherry; Trotter, Here Tuesday. Grover ; honor, love, and finally himself; Mrs. ning. A talented, popular newcomer Creech; Howard Godesby, Fred Dr. Steinart, Auryne Bell; JorHunter, pretty, foolish, petulant, finds to Stroller circles is Claribel Kay, who Major General iCharles P. Summer-al- l, herself Mrs. Trotter at the Waldorf as Mrs. Hunter, vain, frivolous widow, dan, J. R. Finn; Leonard, Terrill Corn; commanding general of the First Harry Brailsford; Miss Kay Ryder, Master Division at Camp Taylor, Louisville, and Is quite complacent over her con- is succeeding admirably. quest with him who was no Dodo bird. took the part of "Ma" in the prize Sterling, Nancy Smock; servants, will speak at the weekly chapel exerEmery Frazier, according to custom, skit of Amateur Night, "How the Ham Frank Wedekemper, J. E. Williams, cises of the University April 13. An John Land; Mrs. Sterling (nee Blanche acceptance of an invitation extended in Stroller casts, is leading man. "Friz- Saved the Homestead." Elizabeth Marshall's talent, already Hunter), Mary Elizabeth Downing; him several weeks ago by Capt. A. S. J. zy" has appeared as the lead In four Stroller plays, "Under Cover," "The mentioned as Miss Godesby, first ap- Miss Hunter, Martha Buckman; Mrs. Tucker, commandant of the UniverLion and the Mouse," "Charley's peared before the University in the Hunter, Claribel Kay; Jessica Hunter, sity cadet battalion, was received Aunt," and "Father and the Boys" and '19 Philo8ophian play, "The Two Vir- Carlisle Chenault; Clara Hunter, Lou- Tuesday. in other and college tues," where she showed her ability ise Connell; Miss Godesby, Elizabeth Captain Tucker who served as a Marshall; productions. Miss Sillerton, Margaret major under General Summerall with His convincing stage as a decidedly clever actress. presence, powerful voice, and ease reThe two daughters of Mrs. Hunter, Smith; Tompson, a maid, Norma the First Division in France, extend move him from the class of amateurs. Clara and Jessica represent two Rachal; Marie, a maid, Mary Lyons. ed the invitation to General Summer g Augs-berg- ago and the accept are Day in chapel and all students and all several weeks ance received Tuesday indicates that members of the faculty are requested General Summerall expects to spend to be present. A short program will a short vacation in Lexington the STROLLER DAY TO BE be given by the Strollers and a brief week of April 12. Captain Tucker IN CHAPEL MONDAY address will be made by one of the stated Tuesday that a reception and old Strollers. The play will be dis- tour of the Bluegrass will be ar In accordance with the annual cus- cussed and the members of the cast ranged for General Summerall during tom, 'Monday, April 5 will be Stroller latroduced. his visit here. All students of the University clslon will be based on the list selected, the validity and sufficiency of the urged to enter Into this contest. reasons, conciseness of statement and literary style. All paperB must be typewritten, signed with a fictitious name in the student's own handwriting, and handed to the Registrar by noon of May 15. i 4H