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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 2, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 2 CONCERTS DAILY, AFTERNOON AND EVENING THE STRAND ALL AMERICAN ORCHESTRA "The Best Orchestra In STRAN D Open 10 A. M. to 11 the South" Everybody Sayi So. ITALY IS DEFENDED IN POPULAR LECTURE Dr. Tlflert Glvea Second of "Who Won the War Series." "There Is no nation in Europe that America la more indebted to than Italy" said Dr. John J. Tlgert In his second lecture on "Who Won the War," which was given in chapel Tuesday. "First of all it is to an Italian that America owes her discovery and though Columbus was robbed of the credit by some and America was not named in his honor, it was still nn Italian affair. "The world's greatest artists, poets, sculptors, architects, astronomers and scientific men were Italians It was to one Italian, Marconi, the wizard of wireless telegraphy, that is due the credit of linking all parts of the world together. "There is nothing more certain," continued the speaker, "that if Italy had not fought in this great war that is just over, the Allies could never have been the victors. Italy, a member of the Triple Alliance, helped win the war. The lowest estimate ever made of Italian mobilization was five million men and if these had been on the Hohenzollern side, the Allies could not have held out. "And so it is obvious that she played a very indispensable part, giving her best. Italy operated under more difficult conditions and though it was said that she could not stand much, she suffered as much or more than any other nation in the conflict. No Red Cross relief station could be built on her mountain tops and so men, with their bayonets as surgeon knives and with their comrades holding the wounded, in place of the us P. M. Admission Adults HOME OF Children, 1Sc, plus War Tax, Total 20c. 27c, plus 3c War Tax, Total 30c. REMEMSER "They're All Sweeties." ual anaesthetics, ministered to them. "Alexander's Band is Back In Dixie And yet they said that the Italians Land" could not suffer!" playing in the limited Doctor Tlgert related "That Naughty Waltz" time incidences of the courage and at the stoicism of the Italians during the "Jnzz Babies' Ball." him wnr which gave those who heard "Peggy." a deeper and better appreciation of "What Do You Mean by Loving them. Someone Else?" Captain Herbert Graham, of the class of 1917, recently gave up his work in the news department of The State Journal at Frankfort to accept the position of political writer, tendered to him by the Lexington Herald. Captain Graham will take up his new duties Monday, April 5. After his graduation, Captain Graham held a fellowship in the department of Journalism in the University for a year and then left to enlist in the army. While in France he taught ten months in the department of Journalism of the University of the A. E. F. FOR THE COLLEGE STUDENTS HOME-MAD- 133-13- 5 CANDIES AND LUNCHES E McGurk & O'Brien "EVERYTHING NEW" PHOENIX FRUIT STORE VICTOR BOGAERT LEADING "THE BEST IN MOVING. PICTURES" THE CLASSY PLACE CAPTAIN GRAHAM TO ENTER NEW FIELD Paramount, Artcraft, Metro, Realart, GoWwin and Select Pictures. JEWELERS FOR FRUITS, CANDIES, NUTS PHOENIX BLOCK Established 1883 "THE HALLMARK STORE" Lexington, Ky. W. Main St. Send Your Suit in Early to Avoid the Easter Rush! BECKER DRY CLEANING CO. C. R. McGraghey, Proprietor CLEANERS THAT SATISFY. PATTERNS THAT APPEAL TO COLLEGE MEN See Them At JUSTRIGHT TAILORING COMPANY A Jumble of Jazz. 145 W. Main St. "Tell Me Why." Suits made by us pressed "Poor Butterfly has learned to wink for one year free of charge. her eye." "Nobody Knows and Nobody Seems to Care." "Oh!" "Vamp," W. B. GRIGGS "Everyone is Meant for Someone." Opposite Agriculture Building ("You Know What I mean.") CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCO "The Blues My Naughty Sweetie AND SOFT DRNKS Gave Me." STEP IN AND SEE ME "Freckles," "Wonderful Pal," "I'm Forever Thinking of You." "Where the Lanterns Glow." "In Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight." "In the Heart of a Fool" WE ARE ALWAYS ON THE JOB WHEN YOU WANT ANYTHING CLEANED, PRESSED OR REPAIRED. PHONE 621-- Cropper s Laundry (Incorporated) PHONE 210 114 N. C. D. CALLOWAY & CO. FOOTBALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, KODAKS, DEVELOPING AND PRINTING 146 Lexington, Ky. West Main Street I3I COLLEGE MEN Here Are The New Things for Spring NEW SMARTLY-STYLDE- SUITS-N- EW R HATS AND SHOES-N- EW MANHATTAN SHIRTS-N- EW HOSE AND SCARFS Ask to see the new Braxton Belt, it fits snugly without binding, new cordovan, seal and n leathers. Special at $2.25. pig-ski- Shirts, neckwear and other furnishings to please men of discriminating taste. Shirts of silk, madras, percale and novelty weaves in the new colors, shades and patterns shirts that fit as you would like them. Neckwear of the finest silks, from dignified designs to the beautiful effects. Already for men who want to change to lighter weight underwear. New Spring hats and caps. all-ov- er , (Jnited (Jotfiing Scores Special Display also of WHITE DUCK TROUSERS, suitable for outing and: tennis wear. Graves, Cox & Co. Incorporate. UPPER