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32 > Image 32 of The State College cadet, vol. 8, no. 1, October 1897

Part of The State College cadet

I 30 run ?Al)l]'l. A mighty monument to Time, ~ Its glorious mission is divine, if Teaching, the simple laws of life ; II Virtuous peace here reigns supreme, The panacea to redeem, Poor mankind from its selfish strife. -GamcIa~n,d . A IZ? ___________ , THE NEW JOKE. I il; -.. f . I i11vent a brannew joke, K, I T1yit first on pa; See him laugh until he cries, p J} Ha! ha! ha! I - Try it next on Uncle Ned; Dislocates his jaw, Iflj Bursts the buttons oil" his vest, ;;_ Haw I haw I haw I V Spring it then on sister Nell; - Clasps her hand with glee, Giggles till her face is 1ed, ~ I Te! he! he! I .:_ Send it to the editor, { That arch villain, who Stamps it "99 B. C.," " Boo! hoo! hoo! j AFTER THE COMMENCEMENT. Mary has a g1eat big Latin p Sheepskin in a frame, _ And all she understands of it Is Marys little name. li . _ 7IUI('lI Topics. , in si}