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7 > Image 7 of The State College cadet, vol. 8, no. 1, October 1897

Part of The State College cadet

. THE CADET. 5 Day before yesterday we were entertained by the . li Mayor in behalf of the city, and this also was a very elegant affair ; but the grandest of all was the excursion to the Falls of Iniatia in Finland, a six hours ride by train through this country of swamps and lades and tig. buried boulders of granite brought us to this beautiful ` Q; falls, made by the water of the river Wuoski as it rushes j_4 from Lake Saima by a short and narrow channel into I ' Lake Ladoga. Here we found a spacious pavillion, 340 x80 feet, built especially for us, and plates laid for 1,000 _ people. In wines and delicacies this entertainment was . g not behind any we have yet had, and in addition we were served with the greatest variety of substantials, the most It of them special Finnish dishes. This entertainment was Y given us by the Finnish Senate in behalf of the Finnish government. We found that the ideas ordinarily entertained of the I Finns are entirely erroneous. We commonly confound ,f them and the Lapps with the Esquimaux. I have [ learned that the Finns are ethnologically entirely dis- 3 tinct f1om the Lapps, and that they are really a very . ~ ancient and honorable people, being, in fact, the most " ancient people of Eastern Europe, with a center of dis- tribution in the middle Volga region (Moscow is a name * of Finnish origin). Though their cli1nate is inhospi- I table and their land simply a dump heap of glacial _ boulders, serving as interstices for the thousands of lakes and swamps, these people have attained a degree of cul- ture that is remarkable. Their common schools are _ probably the best in Europe. In every one of these L wretched hamlets you will find the people speaking some v six different languagesat least three besides their own . well. These three are German, French and English, and they have learned these in the common schools. , Notices in the railroad cars and stations are posted in