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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 3- G. Policy Statement on Community Colleges Adopted (PR 5) Dr. Singletary pointed out that the proposed Policy Statement on Commnlunity Colleges was a revision of one adopted in January 1964 and spelled out the administrative structure which would integrate the community colleges into a Systenm and would define their roles in relation to the remainder of the University. Mr. Wenlelsdorf questioned the. elimination of paragraph 1, page 6, under Admission Requirements of the Community College System which states, "The University now admits a graduate of any accredited high school in the State who is a resident of the State. The same structure will be used for admission to the community colleges". Upon being assured that it was not the intention of the Board of Trustees to abrogate admission to any high school graduate, he withdrew his objection and moved that the policy statement be approved. His motion was seconded by Mr. Wright and all present voted "aye". (See PR 5 at the end of the Minutes. ) H. Dean of Nursing Named (PR 6) President Singletary recommended the appointment of Dr. Marion E. McKenna as Dean of the College of Nursing, effective January 1, 1972, stating that the recommendation carried not only his endorsement but that of the Medical Center administration. Governor Chandler moved approval of the recoommendation to name Dr. McKenna as Dean of the College of Nursing, ef- fective January 1, 1972. His mnotion was seconded by MIrs. Blazer and passed without dissent. (See PR O at the end of the Minutes. Dr. M\cKenna, who was present at the meeting, was introduced to the Board by Vice President Bosomworth. A welcome was extended to her by the Chairman on behalf of the entire Board. I. Organizational Change in the College of Arts and Sciences (PR 7) Being already familiar with the recommendation relative to the organi- zational change in the College of Arts and Sciences and there being no questions, on motion by Mr. Cooper, seconded by Mrs. Blazer, and passed, all schools in the College of Arts and Sciences, except the School of Communications and the Thomas Hunt Morgan School of Biological Sciences, were abolished, ef- fective immediately. (See PR 7 at the end of the Minutes. J. Organization of Sumrner Session (PR 8) Without discussion, on motion by Mr. Wright, seconded by Mrs. Blazer,