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11 > Image 11 of Annual report. 1913

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

l x Twenty-sixth Annual Report of the E i together with detailed reports of the several departments . , . are given in the following. . ' - NEW BUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT. The new addition to _E i the Experiment Station building, reference to which was , made in the last annual report, has been completed and is [ now occupied by the various departments of the Experi- t ment Station. This affords comfortable offices and labora- tories for the employees of the Experiment Station and entirely relieves the congested condition which has obtained .--= i for the past several years. _ A new hog cholera serum laboratory, costing approxi- ` mately twelve thousand dollars has been erected on the * Experiment Station farm, and excellent facilities are now at i hand for the preparation of hog cholera serum and virus, so that the Experiment Station is now well equipped for taking care of the extensive demands made upon us.for these products. F A barn for the housing and feeding of beef cattle has been l erected on the Experiment Station farm, and embodies in its construction the latest and best ideas obtainable along ` this line. Considerable additions have also recently been made to ~ the office and laboratory equipment of the Experiment Station which will greatly enhance the general eHiciency of our work. STATION STAFF. AFPo1NTMENTs. The following men have been secured for thehog cholera serum work: Dr. E. W. Mumma, of Pennsylvania University, as assistant in , charge of the laboratory, and Dr. O. S. Crisler, of the Indiana Veterinary College, as assistant in field work in the administration of hog cholera serum, Messrs. C. B. Wilson and E. J. Gott, graduates of State University, Lexington, a . `