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13 > Image 13 of Annual report. 1913

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Kentucky Agmcultuml Experiment Station. xi 4 Kentucky, to assist in the routine work of the laboratory and Mr. Lawrence Ginochio to lookiafter the clerical work in the office. ` `_ A Mr. Hywel Davies has been appointed Purchasing Agent of the Experiment Station.- l Dr. W. S. Anderson, of the, Kentucky Wesleyan College, has been appointed a member of the Station Staff totake up the study of inherited characteristics of horses and mules. Professor F. W. Hofmann, ofthe Nebraska State College, has been appointed Assistant in the Department of Horti- culture. , - ` Mr. G. C. Routt and Mr. Wallace V. Smith, graduates of State University, Lexington, Kentucky, have been appointed , Assistants in the Department of Animal `Husbandry (Beef Cattle, Sheep and Swine). Mr. D. D. Slade, a-practicalpoultryman of wide experience has been appointed Superintendent of the poultry farm. Miss Addie Lee Dean, a graduate of the State University, Lexington, Kentucky, has been appointed Librarian of the Experiment Station, and Miss Amy V. Lyons has been appointed to assist in the clerical work of the Food and Drug Department. RESIGNATIONS. Dr. F. M. Surface, Biologist of the Experi- Station. Resigned July 1, 1913, to accept the position of Biologist, Department of Biology, Maine Agricultural Ex- periment Station, Orono, Maine. _ L. S. Corbett, Assistant in the Department of Animal Husbandry (Beef Cattle, Sheep and Swine). Resigned August 1, 1913, to accept a Professorship in the Department of Animal Husbandry of the Maine Agricultural College, Orono, Maine. William C. Matthews, Artist of the Experiment Station.