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15 > Image 15 of Annual report. 1913

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Kentucky Agriculture.! Experiment Station. xiii - , DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION. As indicated by its name, this Department is occupied with the business affairs I of the Experiment Station and with the necessary routine . and executive work involved in the administration of the . afairs of an institution such as this. ~ ' DEPARTMENT OF AGRONOMY. During the period included in this report, this Department has been engaged in experi- l _ mental field studies in th_e cultivation of the following crops: _ 1. Corn. Methods ofcultivation; rates of seeding; breed- ing for yield, and to determine relation of`ear characteristics to yield. Variety tests, both on the Experiment Station farm _ and at London, Kentucky. It has been shown as the result of three years work that on soils in good physical condition . and well prepared, frequent cultivation is not necessary, Y . except to keep down weeds. No advantage has been gained by cultivating beyond three or four times. Rates of seeding tests have shown that on strong soils, three stalks per hill will give better yields than two. Variety tests have shown that corn of the type of Boone County White is best adapted to strong soils and that varieties of the Hickory King type are best adapted to the thinner soils. . 2. VV/zeat. Tests of varieties, extending over, eight years; rates of seeding; fertilizer tests on wheat following corn; wheat grown in diferent rotations; breeding to increase yield. The test of varieties has shown Jersey Fultz to be the best smooth wheat for soils of the type represented by the Experi- ment Station farm when both yield and quality are considered, and Turkey the best variety of bearded wheat. Jersey Fultz has also been tried by farmers outside of Central Kentucky and has been found, in most cases, to be superior to other varieties grown in these localities. This variety is being ex- tensively introduced in difiieynt parts of the State by farmers