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40 > Image 40 of Annual report. 1913

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Kentucky'AgricnltnraZ Experiment Station. xxxv hundred bushels- of corn or more per acre, this being approximately one-fourth of the number in all of the South- ern States, to accomplish such results. - 7. County Agent Work. During the year 1912, through , cooperation with the United States Department of Agricul- _ ture, a beginning was made looking to the installation of a _ 3 system of county agents in Kentucky, the head of the Exten- i l sion Department of the Experiment Station being designated l as the State Leader. Under this regime, eight counties, _ namely, Madison, Henderson, Jefferson, Warren, Metcalfe, S Christian, Daviess and Muhlenberg, were provided with I. county agents, the counties paying one-half of the expenses f of the work, the federal government providing the remainder. On July 1, 1913, this work was transferred at Washington , from the Office of Farm Management to the Farmers Coop- Li erative Demonstration Work, and a new State Leader ap- S pointed. This change in administration completely divorces )_ the Experiment Station and the United States Department l_ of Agriculture in this line of work, so that they are working _ n along independent lines, the federal work in the State being S, conducted by a newly organized board. S' 8. Dairy Extension Work. During the period included in in this report, approximately one hundred silos of different Se types were constructed in Kentucky, and about fifty barns, to milk houses, etc., were built or remodeled. Herd records D- . were kept in from six to twelve herds, the number varying at times. Various other lines of assistance, such as the )d '_ remodeling of rations, general dairy advice, etc., were pro- ne vided. This has been one of the most profitable lines of an extension activity. J 9. Extension Schools. The extension school has proven SQ one of the most potent influences in the way of getting defi- T