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721 > Image 721 of Annual report. 1913

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

618 Department of Chemistry. Y V WEBSTER COUNTY. W , LABORATORY NO. 43186Sulfur water sent by B. Watson, , Providence, Ky. Sample yellowish showing very small quantities of free and combined hydrogen sulfid. Re- ` ceived July 30, 1913. ANALYSISOH gallon contains 80.9 grains of solid matter (1.388 gram per liter) composed of sodium sulfate, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, sodium carbonate, small _ quantities of sodium suliid and iron and traces of silica, potassium and lithium. - This is an alkaline sulfur water and should have medicinal value. WOLFE COUNTY. LABORATORY No. 43333Chalybeate water from a well four I or five miles southeast of Campton, Ky., brought by Mr. H. E. Curtis, November 22, 1913, for W. G. Proctor, Lex- ington, Ky. Sample contained some reddish sediment. ,1 AN.XLYSIS*OD gallon contains 8.2 grains of solid matter (.14 gram per liter) composed of sodium chlorid, calcium sulfate and ferrous sulfate with traces of magnesium car- bonate, silica and potassium sulfate. The sediment contains iron and silica. l It is a weak chalybeate water and should have some medicinal value.