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Ox May 24, /yS>f A Reader's Viewpoint Touching All The Bases By Dean Perkins For an ole basketball junkie like myself this time of year really brings on the bias. Of course, golf helps to soothe the sadness of heart that will prevail until the roundball bounces in full force again in October. This is not to say that I won't enjoy Coach Jerry Claiborne's football team come this fall. . .However, it is the University of Kentucky basketball season that really turns me on. It has been this way for so many years. TJie Cats' Pause, under the superb guidance of Oscar Combs has been a real pleasure to read over the years. Many of us (UK fens) don't have the opportunity to get the daily news about UK (the 'Cats) as we live out of the state. . .The Cats' Pause really has filled many a heart with joy just to see it in the mail box when we arrive home from work. I really feel proud of what Oscar has accomplished for himself and UK fans everywhere. There are some topics of concern about UK and some people relating to the UK program (with-in and outside of) that I'd like to address at this time. Before doing so. I'd just like to say that these are my opinions and are made in the same manner as Jock Sutherland would. . .you know. . .nothing to get mad over. Having said that, I'm sure somebody is going to get upset. Never-the-less. . .here goes. WHAS And The UK Network The UK Network as is, does the job needed for the UK faithfuls throughout the state of Kentucky. However, the many Kentucky supporters outside the state can't enjoy the many fine programs on the network because WHAS is not a part of that system anymore. That is sad. WLW in Cincinnati is also a 50,000 watt clear channel station and it has been said that WLW will become a part of the UK Sports Network for the upcoming football and basketball seasons. That may come to pass but knowing Cincinnati, WLW and that the area tends to support pro football and pro baseball leaves me to believe that the University of Kentucky will not have the complete coverage that it needs. The signal of WLW itself, for many, is stronger than WHAS but the loss of the pregame, postgame, weekly coaches shows and other programs is something of much concern to coaches Claiborne and Sutton. I'm not happy about the loss of WHAS and I think the Bible mentions something about the impossibility of having two masters something about loving the one and hating the other and vice versa. I think this is the problem over at WHAS. Van Vance is the voice of the Louisville Cardinals and he has his own sports talk show almost every week day evening. Jock is on enough with his 'hate Kentucky venom' each week that even if a UK fan wanted to be nice to Louisville it would be most difficult to do so. If it was possible to license a new 50,000 watt clear channel station, I'm sure some wealthy UK fan would do so. No luck there as too many people in high places want to get rid of the ones we already have. So WHAS passes in review: WHAS. . .The home of the Kentucky Wildcats!!!! WHAS. . .The home of the 'Cats and the Cards!!!! WHAS. . .The home of the Cards and the 'Cats!!!! WHAS. . .The home of the Louisville Cardinals!!!! And then it springs to mind, that statement made by Joe B. Hall and Cliff Hagan "somebody wants something we've got!" Kool Hand Luke strikes again, and Louisville has WHAS all to themselves. We are living in times of great change. This is one I don't like. Jim Host where are you? loe B. Hall I won't spend much time on this gentleman as he is no longer with the program. My good friend, Charlie Metcalf sent a letter to Coach Hall and it was printed in The Cats' Pause last year. Everything said. . .1 say amen to. I never was a 'Yes' man for anybody but some of my UK buddies seemed to think I went overboard in my support for Joe. In fact, even when calling or receiving a call from them, the comment is, "Is this you, Joe?" I take it as a compliment. Joe B. never got credit for much at UK. But I tell everybody that the flame keeper did one heck of a job. Ask UCLA. I don't say he was the greatest coach that ever lived but he deserved better than the Kentucky fans who booed him at Rupp Arena. In closing on Joe B., let me tell you about two of the many tickets that Joe had access to while he was the head coach at UK. Two years ago this last February I lost a brother to the dreaded big 'C. Cancer is a terrible thing. My brother was a great athlete in his time; good enough to be offered a full ride scholarship to the University of Tennessee for basketball. His name was Marion O. Perkins and my other brother Clifton was going to UT on a football grant. Misfortunes entered the scene with our home burning down and World War II causing problems. My brothers did not go to UT but to war. The years passed much too fast for the brothers from Ashland, Ky. One day I called Joe B. I told him my brother was dying because of Cancer and asked him if it would be possible to get two tickets for him and his wife to come see the 'Cats at Rupp Arena? Joe said, "Sure Dean, I'll fix it up and I'll also have him and his wife meet the players." The conversation went on and on and I told Joe how much I appreciated it. My brother and his wife (Kaye) went to Rupp Arena, enjoyed the game and met the players and all the coaches. Later, I talked to my brother a month before he died. He spoke of how nice Joe and the players treated him and his wife. My brother was a fighter. He lived two years beyond the six months they said he would. He didn't cry much. I don't either. Dan Issel, in his book, Parting Shots mentioned that when Joe B. Hall retired there were no tears. When my brother told me how he enjoyed the trip to Rupp the game, but especially the treatment and attention of Coach Hall and UK players he was emo- tionally caught up for the moment. But, he didn't cry. Thanks Joe a class gentleman and program. .that wasn't his style. . .but I did. The Killer Instinct Much has been said about the failure of UK not winning any NCAA championships after 1978 and the University of Louisville having won two in the 80's already. Many thought that UK should've won a couple along the way and many thought with the team of Turpin, Bowie, Walker, Master and Dicky Beal, Kentucky should have won hands down. Of course Georgetown had something to say about that. . .and did. Many people blamed Coach Hall. They said UK would have won had Kenny Walker been up to par. Many reasons (or excuses) were given but there was always the one that stuck with me Kentucky doesn't have that killer instinct. Well, whoop-te-do! How can a team have a killer instinct when the atmosphere at UK was love everybody else but dislike the head coach. Cawood Ledford likes Bobby Knight! Ralph Hacker loves Denny Crum(b)! What is going on? Hey people, if Knight and Crum(b) are friends of the UK program, then we don't need any enemies! Jock Sutherland in TCP??!? Those people would love to bury UK basketball. All I ever hear is the unfair advantage that UK has when Louisville plays at Rupp Arena? Denny forgets pretty easy the advantage he gets at Freedom Hall. Count up those free throws Denny. Shouldn't be too dificult for a math major to figure out. Coach Bob Boyd, who just left Mississippi State, had to put up with Coach John Wooden's overstocking of ball players (high school Ail-Americans) at UCLA for years. So, he comes to Mississippi State and he has this great chance to get a fantastic home grown ball player named Kenny Payne. Now, Kenny not only has MSU after him but a lot of other schools, too. Kentucky for one and hold on here, another big-time school is after Payne. Who is it? The Louisville Cardinals that's who. Boyd figures he will win this one as he knows the Cards don't have any more scholarships available. Right? Wrong! Barry Sumpter has a grade average that passes NCAA standards but not U of L's. Presto! one more scholarship coming up for the Cards. . .and goodbye Bob Boyd. Killer instinct? I bet Bob Boyd has one. Hey, I'm not saying play dirty but I'll tell you something, over the last few years some of our players are so nice to the opposing teams' players that they are helping them off the floor before they fall!!! Come on!!!! Give me a Winston Bennett every time. I'd love to see somebody try to take his job come October. No way!! In the famous words of Bugs Bunny "Of course you know this means war.". . .so be it. If you wear a Kentucky uniform you are going to be the target of every opponent you face; not just his foe but his season. If a team beats Kentucky its season is made. Bobby Knight never would've started an all-bench team against UK like he did against Illinois. I heard Denny made his boys practice over the holidays because he wanted so bad to beat the 'Cats. It goes on and on. How do you get this killer instinct? You hone the tools of talent you already have. You work on your weaknesses until they become your strengths. You put on that uniform that says Kentucky and you say to yourself and to the world "I did not come to the University of Kentucky to play basketball for the No. 2 program in the state of Kentucky. I came here to play for the No. 1 basketball program in the world!!" That takes some kind of dedication. My Family Doctor In the Dayton, Ohio, area there are many UK fans. They're everywhere. Now and again you also will come across a U of L fan. Having moved from the Englewood area to Vandalia area, I changed to a new family doctor. Guess what? Dr. Charles F. Wilcher Jr. went to Medical School and is a graduate of the University of Louisville. We got acquainted as he noticed my blue UK shirt and walking shorts, my blue and white socks, all white sneakers, and mostly white insignia cap. He gave me a physical check up. He says my sugar is way too high. I say if it was good enough for Adolph Rupp it's good enough for me. He doesn't appreciate my wit. He tells me to lay down on the bench then he pushes real hard in the groin area. The good doctor seems to almost smirk as he tells me I don't seem to like pain. I also don't like the 'Cardinal Cannonball'. He tells me I ought to trade that UK blue for U of L Red as Louisville is now THE school in Kentucky. He says that U of L just signed a seven-footer and Kentucky is in trouble from now on. He doesn't know yet that I receive in the mail: TCP, Basketball Times, Basketball Weekly, Blue Ribbon, and have access to about every scouting service known to man. I let him gloat for now. He is a fine gentleman other than being a Cardinal fan. . .but I'm telling Coach Eddie Sutton and the UK players right now that they mean to bury us in Freedom Hall next season. Please James, work on the free throws. Cedric work on those weights. Richard get tough. Robert work on the shot. Winston don't go soft on us. Ed put the 'D' on Kevin Walls. All of you guys not only work for Louisville but for the season as well. My gosh, I just thought of something. . .does Chapman, Hanson, Miller and Grant [Continued On Page 21]