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523 > Image 523 of Kentucky : a guide to the Bluegrass state

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

r0U1z 1 6 4o7 j shall, Chief justice of the United Stateshad moved to this section in = 1806 and had settled on a 5,000-acre tract on a ridge overlooking the O Ohio River. Here he built Cornland, a beautiful two-story brick house. 9 The first lawyer from the country west of the Allegheny Mountains to l appear before the U.S. Supreme Court, Colonel Daviess was appointed f U.S. District Attorney for Kentucky by President Thomas jefferson. While holding this office Daviess attempted to bring Aaron Burr to trial on a conspiracy charge, but was frustrated by the absence of im- portant witnesses and finally by the judges denying Daviess the right to appear before the grand jury. By the time of the War between the States, Owensboro had become important as a river port, and a number of skirmishes took place here. In September 1862 a Con- federate regiment, under Col. Robert M. Martin, entered the town, _` demanding unconditional surrender of the Federals under Colonel Netter, at near-by Camp Silas B. Miller. Colonel Netter preferred 4 to fight. After a second skirmish had taken place at Sutherland Hill I on the same day, the Confederate forces withdrew from this vicinity. V When Owensboro was raided by guerrillas in August 1864 and partly burned, the courthouse was destroyed. Daviess County is next to the largest tobacco-producing county in Kentucky. In Owensboro are two Loose-LEAF SALEs FLOORS and eight factories for processing and grading tobacco. The city has also two . large distilleries and factories making radio tubes and electric light V bulbs. The PLANTERS, HOTEL, 4th and Main Sts., was built in 1846. Among . the signatures on its register are those of jenny Lind, the singer, and . Mary Anderson, Shakespearean actress. On Griffith Ave. (L) is the Gmrrrrn House, built by William R. Griffith in 1828. The large hand-made locks, bearing coats of arms, l were brought from Philadelphia. The house is of Georgian Colonial design, but a modern front porch has been substituted for the original columned portico. p Left from Owensboro on State 54 to SORGHO (750 alt., 120 pop.), 8.9 m.; L. from Sorgho on State 56, to MOUNT SAINT JOSEPH (Maple Mount P.O.), 6.4 m., j an Ursuline convent and educational institution founded in 1874. The academy . connected with the convent was established in 1880, and the junior college in 1926. _ Both are fully accredited. Mount Saint joseph is the mother-house of a commu- . nity of Ursuline nuns, a teaching order of women founded in Italy in 1535. The f S00 rolling and terraced acres are landscaped with shrubbery and flowers. The . original building, a three-story brick structure painted gray, holds parlors, a library, a museum, and music and art rooms. In the museum are relics and a variety of ` I specimens for the study of natural science. The chapel is in the Tudor-Gothic style, with stained glass windows made by Munich artists. The highway on a bridge (toll 30), 144.6 m., crosses GREEN RIVER, widely known for the beauty of its waters and for muskellunge fishing. It is the narrowest river in Kentucky that can float a full- i sized steamboat for any great distance. Six locks and dams provide a