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558 > Image 558 of Kentucky : a guide to the Bluegrass state

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

440 HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS girls of remote mountain covers, part of which they pay for by working in the i kitchen, the laundry, the garden, or on the farm. Sixteen buildings, from one- P0 quarter mile to two miles apart, house the students. Academic work is carried M' through the eighth grade and a course is offered for prospective teachers, Exten- cai sion work has been carried into the surrounding district; two smaller centers, 12 mf miles apart, provide medical care and other community services. tw up At BAXTER, 134.5 m., is a monument 12 feet high, made of blocks its of coal from the 45 mines in Harlan County. gal A resident of Harlan County for many years was Aunt Molly ]ack- b sonmidwife, composer and singer of balladsthree of whose four hus- W bands died in mine accidents or from mine diseases. When she was 12 Mi years old, Molly dressed in a costume, blackened her face with charcoal, by and, with whoops and yells, ran to the neighboring farm to frighten her cn? playmates. News of Mollys exploit traveled throughout the county and it was not long before the sheriff came to arrest the child, on the mi strength of a law that forbade anyone to wear a mask. Molly was sen- dui tenced to 10 days in jail and payment of a fine. While in jail, the girl mz composed a ballad, which she sang to the jailers and to her visitors in EES order to earn money towards the payment of her fine. Big The day before Christmas I had some fun Shi I black my face and took my gun 3; I went up to Bill Lewis and made him run 7 Mr. Cundif turn me loose. ske The next Monday morning Bill Lewis got out a writ IRT?. When I found it out the wind I split otl It was just three weeks till I came back to Clay SEI Cotton tested me the very next day. Then I thought my case would be light fab When Cotton took me before ]udge Right - For blackin my face and putting breeches on. TI, He listened to me till I told my tale fro And give me ten days in Mr. Cundifs jail . Mr. Cundif turn me loose. 0.4 When I went in jail they thought I was fool They didnt offer me a stool But old Mrs. Cundif treated me kind Because she thought I had no mind. Now what she thought I did not care I know I was just as smart as her Mr. Cundif turn me loose. Hello, Mr. Cundif, if youli open the door 9g_ I wont put my breeches on no more Mr. Cundif turn me loose. Ea; cc