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575 > Image 575 of Kentucky : a guide to the Bluegrass state

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

CHRONOLOGY 457 September 13. Body of Daniel Boone, first citizen of Kentucky, brought from Missouri, re-interred in Frankfort Cemetery. 1846 February 7. University of Louisville chartered. 1847 July 20. Kentuckians who fell in Mexican War are reburied in State Cemetery at Frankfort. (OHaras poem, "Bivouac of the Dead," writ- ten to commemorate this event.) December. Telegraph lines connect larger Kentucky cities with Nash- ville and Cincinnati. 1848 November 7. Zachary Taylor becomes President-elect. O 1849 October. Constitutional convention meets at Frankfort. 1850 Population 982,405. s, 1851 March. Emancipated slaves compelled to leave State. July 19. Wire suspension railroad bridge completed over Kentucky Y River at Frankfort. 1852 June 29. Henry Clay dies at Washington, D.C. t` 1853 James Guthrie, of Louisville, becomes U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and Jefferson Davis U.S. Secretary of War. ; March. Livestock importing agency organized in Lexington. May 18. Steamboat Eclipse reaches Louisville from New Orleans in I- record time of 4 days, 9 hours and 31 minutes. October. Sixty-three Negroes, most of them freed slaves, leave Louis- 0 ville for Liberia. _ December. Joel T. Hart, Kentucky sculptor, completes busts of John J. Crittenden, Charles A. Wickliffe, and Henry Clay. 1_ 1855 "Bl0ody Monday" election riots in Louisville; 22 persons die, much 2 property destroyed. 1856 March 7. Kentucky Agricultural Society organized to stage annual State Fair. November. John C. Breckinridge of Lexington is elected Vice President )f of the United States. 1857 October. Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in conference at Hopkins- ville, votes to expunge general rule forbidding "the buying and selling of men, women and children, with intent to enslave them." _) 1859 October 28-29. Mob destroys the plant of the True South, abolition ZC paper at Newport. _ 1860 Population 1,155,684. Great "Union" meeting throughout State (Janu- 6 _ ary). Secession feeling grows (November).`Abraham Lincoln elected Lt' (November) though voted down in Kentucky. ` ' 1861 February 11. Legislature, refusing to call convention which might take Kentucky out of the Union, adjourns. W March 5. Two Kentuckians join Lincolns cabinet: Joseph Holt as Sec- ld retary of War, and Montgomery Blair as Postmaster General.