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581 > Image 581 of Kentucky : a guide to the Bluegrass state

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

SELECTIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY 463 Twenhofel, W. H. The Building of Kentucky. Frankfort, 1931. 328 p. illus., diagrs., bibliog., index. (Kentucky Geological Survey. Geologic Reports. Ser. 6, v. 37.) Study of the geological development of Kentucky from its earliest determined beginning to the present day. L PLANT AND ANIMAL LIFE ' Funkhouser, W. D. Wild Life in Kentucky. Frankfort, 1925. 385 p. illus., maps, diagrs., bibliog., index. (Kentucky Geological Survey. Geologic Reports. Ser. 6, v. 16.) Definitive work on the reptiles, birds, and mam- 1 mals of Kentucky, with a discussion of their appearance, habits, and eco- nomic importance. Mattoon, W. R. Common Forest Trees of Kentucky. Frankfort, 1923. 72 p. C illus. (Kentucky Department of Agriculture.) Handbook describing 70 common forest trees of the State. H ARCHEOLOGY AND INDIANS l- Beckner, Lucien. "Eskippakithiki, Last Indian Town in Kentucky." Louis- Ll ville, 1932. (Reprint from Filson Club History Quarterly, October 1932, v. 6: 355-382.) A chapter in Kentucky history never before written. 5, Call, R. W. Life and Writings of Rafinesque. Louisville, ]. P. Morton & Com- - pany, 1895. 227 p. (Filson Club Publications, no. 10.) An account of the famous botanist, together with a bibliography of his writings. s, Funkhouser, W. D., and W. S. Webb. Ancient Life in Kentucky. Frankfort, 5, 1928. 349 p. illus., diagrs., bibliog., index. (Kentucky Geological Survey. Geologic Reports. Ser. 6, v. 34.) Brief presentation of paleontological suc- . s- cession with a systematic outline of the archeology of the State. r. . HISTORY ,3 Brown, ]. M. The Political Beginnings of Kentucky. Louisville, ]'. P. Morton & Company, 1889. 263 p. front. (Filson Club Publications, no. 6.) Good source of the pre-statehood conventions. Written partly as a defense of ]ohn Brown, hrst U.S. Senator from Kentucky. Clark, T. D. A History of Kentucky. New York, Prentice-Hall, 1937. 702 p. t, illus., index. The most recent of Kentucky histories; also one of the most y- readable. Extensive annotated bibliography. Clay, Cassius Cassius Marcellus Clay, Life and Memoirs, Writings and .5, Speeches. Cincinnati, J. Fletcher Brennan, 1886. 600 p. illus. Autobiography ,s_ of a Kentucky abolitionist. Collins, L. and R. H. History of Kentucky. Covington, Collins & Company, _ ;_, . and later by other publishers. 1874 and subsequent reprints. (Revision of yy an earlier 1-volume edition by L. Collins.) 2 v. illus., maps, indexes. Valu- m able Kentuckiana. Not always dependable, but indispensable, especially in coimty histories. Connelley, W. E., and E. M. Coulter. History of Kentucky. Chicago and New York, American Historical Society, 1922. S v. illus., bibliog., index. Ed. by