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583 > Image 583 of Kentucky : a guide to the Bluegrass state

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

SELECTIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY 465 TRAGEDIES, F EUDS, AND OUTLAWS Johnson, L. F. Famous Kentucky Tragedies and T rials. Louisville, Baldwin Law Book Company, 1916. 336 p. The "headlines" of the past. The Sharp- Beauchamp case described in this volume is probably the most unusual in Kentucky annals. - 1 Mutzenberg, C. G. Kentuckys Famous Feuds and Tragedies. New York, R. F. _ Fenno & Company, 1917. 333 p. One of the best accounts of the mountain feuds. ' Rothert, O. A. The Outlaws of Cavein-Rock. Cleveland, A. H. Clark Com- pany, 1924. 364 p. illus., bibliog., index. Accounts of the famous highway- 5 men and river pirates who operated in pioneer days. I; GENERAL SOCIAL CONDITIONS 5 Gardner, C. Clever Country. Chicago, F. H. Revell Company, 1931. 159 p. illus., maps. Entertainingly written account of the Frontier Nursing Service and of the mountain people it serves. SZ Kentucky Department of Health. Annual Report Cooperative County Health 5 Work in Kentucky: 1936. Louisville. 29 p. maps, diagrs., graphs, charts, tables. (Bulletin, v. 10, no. 1; August, 1937.) *> Odum, H. W. Southern Regions of the United States. Chapel Hill, Univer- F sity of North Carolina Press, 1936. 664 p. maps, charts, tables, bibliog., S index. An important source of social, economic and cultural information on Kentucky, as well as on the South as a whole. H Poole, Ernest. Nurses on Horseback. New York, Macmillan Company, 1932. _ lt 168 p. illus. This story of the Frontier Nursing Service is full of human V f interest. _ Thomas, W. R. Life Among the Hills and Mountains of Kentucky. Louisville, tv Standard Printing Company, 1926. 414 p. illus., tables, bibliog. Historical, l' social, and economic surveys of each of the 38 mountain counties, and a , general picture of cultural conditions in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. 11 INDUSTRY, AGRICULTURE, AND LABOR 7 Hasse, A. R. An Index to Economic Materials in Printed Documents of the State of Kentucky: 1792-1904. Washington, Carnegie Institution of Wash- f ington, 1910. 452 p. A tabulation and chronology of Kentucky documents. Jillson, W. R. Oil and Gas in Western Kentucky. Frankfort, 1930. 632 p. illus., maps, diagrs., bibliog., index. (Kentucky Geological Survey. Geologic Re- ports. Ser. 6, v. 39.) Short introductory essay, followed by detailed accounts _ of drilling and production in 23 counties of this region. Kentucky Bureau of Agriculture, Labor and Statistics. Kentucky Resources LC, and Industries. Frankfort, 1929. 389 p. illus., maps, tables, charts. (Bulletin 34.) Although not up-to-date statistically, this is a good source of infor- mation, as well as an industrial directory of each of the 120 counties in the State.