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3 > Item 3 of Gay Newsletter, June 1981

Part of Pride Community Services Organization publications

GAY NEWSLETTER JUNE 1981 PAGE 3 News lleus GSO ANNUAL MEETING AND BRIDGE FOR GAYS ORGANIZING ELECTION OF OFFICERS . Are you a bridge player? If so, On Monday, June 8, at 8:00 p.m., you will be interested in knowing you the Annual Meeting of the Lexington Gay are not alone: . Services Organization (GSO) will be con Because It. '5 felt. that .some 9a,: vened at the SouthIand Branch Library people WOUId enjoy. playlng._bridge V? on SouthIand Drive. other gays, the first meeting of Bridge The main order of busi f th for Gays is scheduled for Sunday, June ness or e - . . . 14 at 2:00 p.m. at the home of Greg meeting Will be the election of Officers . for the fiscal a 1981-82 N . _ S. Butler. You Will need to call ahead - - ye r .' omrna to make reservations to play. lnvute tlons for the offices of Presndent, Vice- a partner if you wish. ires'::;se:r;:;yrs greas:;er,80aar;d 0]: Call. Greg at 273-2375 to make your Directors were accepted at our last reservations now. meeting on May 4. "mummuu. Nominations were accepted as follows: . , . EDITORIAL POLICY Presudent: Belinda Tarpley VicePresident/ Secretary Greg 5, Butler Editorial submissions will be Treasurer Doug Burnham accepted in the form of articles for Board 01 Directorsz Sally Duffy publication or letters to the editor. Terry Foody Letters to the editor do not have to be (4 to be' elected) Edwin Hackney signed, 0" may request that the name Kathy Hanley be withheld. Any submission is subject Birch Land to review and approval by the editor. Trixie LaRue (Ricci Marler) Submissions cannot be returned, whether Andy Perry or not printed. Articles should not Becky Reed exceed 350 words. Rusty Williams The editorial statements in this Voting will be conducted by Secret newsletter in no way reflect the opinion Ballot. or endorsement of the Lexington Gay GSO meets on the first Monday of Services Organization, Inc., or any of each month to conduct organizational the group's leadership; ideas are 50'8') business. Everyone is welcome. the responsibility of the editor/coordi- nator for the newsletter. MW Nes W GSO NEGOTIATES FOR OFFICE SPACE COMING UP NEXT MONTH . . . GSO is currently negotiating for an 0m SPEC/meeting faCi'W- THE BAR SHOWS SUPPORT FOR GSO ThIS space will allow the group to conduct meetings of various types in GAY PAUMONEY SUITS? the facility, as well as provide room National Gay News ; for clerical work to be performed. It Gay Literature Review will also provnde us with a location , from which to base our help line project. - and more!! Hope for good news in the next newsletter regarding GSO office space. W W