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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 3, no. 08, 1917

Part of Kentucky alumnus

.i . f i THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS IS 1UBLIs11En nr-MoxT1rLY-sE11EM1mR, NOVEMBER, JANUARY, MARCH, . MAY ANI) JULY or 1c.\cu YE;\R-B\' Tim ALUMNI ASEUCI.\'1`I()N or Tum UNIv1c1cS1TY ov 1ucN'rLe1&Y, AT LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY. Entered as second-class matter September 28, IQI6, at the post-otlice at Lexington, Kentucky, under the Act of March 3, 1879. I Tim sussc1u11l0N l*Rlc!1 1`()l< *1|u~J KENTl7(K\' Arxnxcs is $1.00 11-:1; yiaut, l Q To Aiamxi, 1N(:LLniN<: nuns T0 THE ASSOCIATION, $2,00 PE1: YEAR. { Tho Kentucky Alumnus is the otlieinl publication of the Alumni Association. It is _ [ issuctl bi-monthly hy the Association nntlcr the direction of the Executive Committee i in thc intcrcst of thc Association null Ynivcrsity. It therefore represents the sentiment and policy of thc Alumni organization. { The Etlitorin-(hicf is nppointctl hy tho Executive Committee of the Alnnmi Association in und the Associate Editors nre thc Class Secretaries of tho various classes and the Presidents of the Alumni (`lulis. 5 TT-'T`iiii-`i4 tW~ i t r_. si, ,r. E/t ii,. arehase, ,c,a,ra l The advent of the new year automatically throws I j` G'*l"l5 I"' 1**17- us into meditations in which retrospect and pros- Y Q pect are curiously blended. It is to be hoped that > all of us have at least utilized the past as a means of learning to direct our E actions better in the future. The experiences of the past may not have been alto- A gether pleasant nor the results quite gratifying but if we have learned our les- sons well, then we have protited. A`~- i The University has had her troubles; the results, now visible, are not grati ' {ying but we have learned valuable lessons. The Alumni have learned that it is y will their privilege and duty to stand by the old University, to aflord help and con- structive criticism without knocking. \Ve have a Board of Trustees more alert . and interested than ever before and we believe they are going to do great things ` in the immediate future, looking to greater efficiency and higher ideals about the University. It is the duty of each of us to lend our interested help. The Alumnus sends this word of greeting with the sincere wish that the i New Year may bring much happiness, joy and prosperity to its friends and Alma , Mater. { YZ; Most gratifying has been the response to our f` "* (l"*'f>`l"l- appeal for assistance and we repeat for the bene- l ;. at of those who came in late that the Editor YCRYQKS exceedingly the lack of time or means to personally answer the many litCrs of encouragement and remittances and we take this means of assuring You that the box oilice receipts speak more eloquently than pages of literature, _Q_ mid old Kentucky Statels place in the sunshine of educational institutions is l10\\` { H 'icftainty, and the labours and sacrifices of dear old "Aunt I.ucy" Blackburn, ij ]m0S K. Patterson and others too numerous to mention but known without Y A Naming, have not been in vain. \\e thank )'Oll. l Y i, l i l