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Image 8 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 3, no. 08, 1917

Part of Kentucky alumnus

‘ 5 pty, J; {J V l ,.a’ _ jh 6 THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS. T The most recent noticeable action of this chapter of Alpha Zeta helps to y Stmk T show the reason why it is held in such high esteem by all. p Z Of tht 1 Although there are as yet few Alpl1a Zeta alumni, they have provided a loan _` {moth " fund of $100.00 to be placed in the hands of the Executive Committee of the ·, . V ` Alumni Association to be loaned to worthy students who are having a hard time ` {umn ‘ getting through college. Such action speaks well for the chapter, commands respect and sets a good example, worthy of emulation by others. ` _ ( . . ·—‘0'_" i ·` i At a meeting during tl1e Golden jubilee of a few A UW M***“l*<"$l‘ll’· patriotic and loyal alumni for the purpose ot` dis- V T I cussing the question of finance to bridge the Asso- ciation over the year, most of those present agreed to take out Life Membership · It in tl1e Association by paying $25.00. {L Mldllt _` Through the generosity of Mr. R. C. Stoll, Class ’o5, the Association was . M0YTl presented with an elegantly designed membership certificate, suitable for frani- Q Wlltiltl . “ ing, to be issued to those who have taken or may take life—memberships in the Static Q I V Association. The Association greatly appreciates this gift fronv Klr. Stoll. . COHEN l There are twenty—two life members in the Association at this time, some of » WCMC l_ - them having taken out life-memberships in the early part of the history of the V {OT lll ‘ Association, and some more recently, and their names have been published in _Q OY The Alumnus heretofore. Those who have just recently taken life—memberships ,. malllm l me- , tural c E Paul Ingold Murrill, ’S5. “0Yl< l l Richard C. Stoll, 'Q5. . DCHSHL joel Irvine Lyle, `oo. lllllll`0< i il james \Nilliam Carnahan, ’e6. @?l"C F job l). Turner, ’<;8. (Second Meinlnersliipl. Comm? l T { George Roberts, ’oo. T. Tl { · james Henry Gardner, 'o..i. ? B07lT