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Collection on the Lexington Camera Club, 1936

Part of Collection on the Lexington Camera Club

2007AV012 Collection on the Lexington Camera Club, 1936-1972 2007AV012 Finding aid prepared by Amanda M. Reeve University of Kentucky Special Collections Special Collections Margaret I. King Building, North Lexington, KY, 40506-0039 (859) 257-8611 SCLREF@LSV.UKY.EDU 2011 March 13 This finding aid was produced using the Archivists' Toolkit 2012-07-30T14:50-0400 Describing Archives: A Content Standard Collection on the Lexington Camera Club 2007AV012 University of Kentucky Special Collections 2.15 cubic feet 5 boxes, 108 items 1936-1972 The Collection on the Lexington Camera Club consists of 108 gelatin silver prints representing the photographic work of many but not all of the members of the Lexington Camera Club. Carter, John L. Coke, Van Deren, 1921-2004 Cox, W. G. Craig, J.W. Creech, Curtis C. Duncan, Henry Gierlach, Z.S. Gregory, Tom Kavanaugh, Charles N., Dr. Leet, Walter, Jr. Looney, A.Z. May, Robert C., 1935-1993. Meatyard, Ralph Eugene, 1925-1972. Thierman, John E. Warnecke, Claude Young, Earl R. Scope and Contents note The Collection on the Lexington Camera Club consists of 108 gelatin silver prints representing the photographic work of many but not all of the members of the Lexington Camera Club. Members of the club that have works in this collection are: John L. Carter (6 prints), Curtis Creech (1 print), Van Deren Coke (1921-2004) (26 prints), J. W. Craig (3 prints), W.G. Cox (6 prints), Henry Duncan (1 print), Z.S. Gierlach (10 prints), Tom Gregory (4 prints), Dr. Charles N. Kavanaugh (5 Prints), Walter Leet Jr. (12 prints), A. Z. Looney (6 prints), Robert May (3 prints), R. Eugene Meatyard (11 prints), John E. Theirman (4 prints), Claude Warnecke (5 prints), Earl R. Young (5 prints). Historical note The Lexington Camera Club was organized in the Fall of 1936 by Professor Brooks Hamilton and Dr. Louis Mulligan. Olin E. Hinkle was the first president elected. They met at the University of Kentucky campus in the Funkhouser Building. The first formal public exhibition of the Lexington Camera Club was held in 1940 on the mezzanine of the old Phoenix Hotel. It comprised 112 prints. Dr. Stanley Parks won first prize. In February and March of 1941 the first annual Kentucy Photographic Salon was held. Van Deren Coke took first place with Foggy Morning -- Yarmouth. Exhibitions were hled in the Phoenix Hotel on Main Street and in the old Kentucky Utilities Building until 1948 when locations began to varrie. Monthly meetings averaged forty-five to fifty prints. Most members were using twin-lens reflex cameras, square format camera, and the 4 x 5 view camera for their work. It was not until the early 1960's that anyone began using the 35mm camera for black and white photography. In the 1950's club meetings moved to the Fine Arts Building until 1967. In 1972 there were approximately thrity active members of the Lexington Camera Club. Gene Meatyard was president of the oraganziation and Robert May was vice-president. Gene Meatyard died in May of that year and the club was disolved within that year. Notable members of the club throughout the years were James Poole, Earl R. Young, Perry Hamilton, Winston Coleman, Dr. Kavanaugh, Dr. Mulligan, Van Deren Coke, Ben Hart, Brooks Hamilton, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, John Tinder, John Krauss, Clyde Burke, Walter Leet, Ralph Soards, Jim Bill Craig, Dr. Zygmunt S. Gierlack, William G. Cox, Henry Duncan, Tom Gregory, A. Z. Looney, Robert May, John E. Thierman, Claude Warnecke, Earl R. Young, Raymond Barnhart, Winston Coleman, J. W. Davis, James Mellon, Roland Roberts, and Merrill Whitmer. Conditions Governing Access note Collection is open to researchers by appointment. Arrangement note Arranged in series by creator. Conditions Governing Use note The copyright to the materials in this collection are not held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections. Preferred Citation note 2007AV012 : [identification of item], Collection on the Lexington Camera Club, 1936-1972, University of Kentucky Special Collections. Lexington Camera Club. Architectural photography College campuses--Kentucky--Photographs. Families--Photographs. Horses--Photographs. Photographers--Kentucky. Photography--Kentucky--Lexington. Portrait photographs Lexington Camera Club I Lexington Camera Club members photograph - Top Left to Right John Tinder, Duke Young, J. Winston Coleman, Jr., John W. Davis, Paul Price, John Riley, Middle - Prof. William Brooks Hamilton, James K. Poole, A. Z. Looney, Dr. Louis H. Mulligan, Dr. Charles N. Kavanaugh, Roland S. Roberts, Front - Clyde T. Burke, F. Van Deren Coke, James Tinder, William Curry 1 1 1944 John L Carter II Lift up thine eyes 5 92 undated Le cygne 5 93 undated Candid 5 94 undated Science and youth 5 95 undated High wire 5 96 undated The night watch 5 97 Curtis Creech III unidentified house with people on porch 5 98 Van Deren Coke IV Wrought iron lamp, overgrown by vines. Lamp over entrance to Christ Episcopal Church gardens. 1 2 undated F. T. Justice Company interior with chair, clock and pot bellied stove. Office on Fourth and Jefferson. 1 3 undated Workman approaches through slats maze. Hillenmeyer Nurseries salt house-Sandersville Road. 1 4 undated Grave stones of war dead-Lexington Cemetery. 1 5 undated Portrait of John Jacob Niles with dulcimer and sheet music 1 6 undated Morning exercise 1 7 undated "Before and after" Hillenmeyer Farm, Georgetown Road. 1 8 undated White fences after dusk. 1 9 undated Beginning of Northern Belt line - fall. 1 10 undated Store front of pawn shop with railroad tracks. Rosenberg's corner - Walter and Upper Street. 1 11 undated Breckenridge statue with courthouse cupola - Cheapside Park 1 12 undated Early morning West Main with Mary Todd Lincoln House 1 13 undated Zero point from measuring distance - front of Court House on Main street 1 14 undated C & O - L& N tracks going east 1 15 undated Ornamental lamp post in front of First National Bank 1 16 undated Architectural detail of Mill street 1 17 undated Early morning - Second and Seventh streets 1 18 undated Chitterlings for sale - Georgetown Street and Booker Avenue 1 19 undated Joe Saunier - iron worker and blacksmith 1 20 undated C&O - L&N railway station interior view 3 50 undated Early morning street scene - Davis Bottom 3 51 undated Joyland Park - Wildcat Ride 3 52 undated Main Street court house entrance 3 53 undated Greyhound bus station - interior view 3 54 undated Limestone Quarry - Old Frankfort Pike 3 55 undated Waiting - Southern Railway depot 3 56 undated J. W. Craig V Portrait - Midget paper seller 1 21 1954 September 15 Portrait - Deaf mute paper seller 1 22 undated Display window - Loom and Needle shop 3 57 undated W. G. Cox VI Typical doorway around Gratz Park 1 23 undated Garden entrance to Christ Episcopal Church 1 24 undated Lexington lamp works of Genera Electric Corporation 3 58 undated McLean Stadium south side - view looking toward Barker Hall 3 59 undated Tobacco barn 3 60 undated Henry Duncan VII Fayette County Court House cupola 3 61 undated Dr. Z. S. Gierlach VIII Clock x-ray 1 25 undated Bell pepper x-ray 2 26 undated Abstract design 3 62 undated Abstract design 3 63 undated Abstract design 3 64 undated Sunday morning 3 65 undated Reverse image 3 66 undated Peafowl 3 67 undated Abstract design 5 99 undated Window drapes 5 100 undated Tom Gregory IX Portrait - Joe Wile - President of Wolf Wile Company 2 27 undated Portrait - Leslie Baynham - President Baynham Shoe Company 2 28 undated Portrait - Leroy Austin, Vice President, Security Trust Company 2 29 undated Portrait - John H. Clark, Horseman 2 30 undated Dr. Charles N. Kavanaugh X "Winter betting books" favorites 2 31 undated Thoroughbred horse farm paddock 2 32 undated Blue grass farm scene 2 33 undated Sulky wheels - Lexington Trotting Track 2 34 undated Rounded corner paddock fence 2 35 undated Walter Leet Jr. XI Haggin columns - Elmendorf Farm 2 36 undated Court House entrance sculpture 2 37 undated Drake Liquors - 315 West Short 2 38 undated Portait - Reverend Leslie R. Smith 2 39 undated Children at Joyland Park 2 40 undated Trash carts on Sunday along Water Street 2 41 undated Doorway of Morgan home - Gratz Park 3 68 undated Traditional labor market - Upper and Vine Streets 3 69 undated Front view of Christ Episcopal Church 3 70 undated Pick up bailer - Tates Creek Pike 4 71 undated Vine Street wholesale market 4 72 undated 551 West Short Street 4 73 undated A. Z. Looney XII Entrance to Chapel - Originally Kentucky Academy 2 42 undated Pisgah Church stained glass window 4 74 undated U.S. Veteran's Hospital 5 101 1953 Calumet Farm from Van Meter Road 5 102 undated Manchester Farm from Rice and Van Meter Roads 5 103 undated Gratz house 5 104 undated Robert May XIII Main street looking east 4 75 undated Loom and Needle garden figure - corner of Esplanade and East Street 4 76 Interior of Christ Church 4 77 undated R. Eugene Meatyard XIV Snow covered picnic ground - by airport 2 43 undated Springtime on UK campus 2 44 undated Lexington cemetery grave sculpture 2 45 undated Track judge getting photo of close race at Keeneland 2 46 undated Court House Square - woman seated along Main Street. 2 47 undated Charles Jett "Trade In" appliance stock 4 78 undated Combination tobacco and livestock barn 4 79 undated Ten minutes before race time 4 80 undated Race horse expert 4 81 undated Ready for first load of tobacco for fall sale 4 82 undated Steeple on Memorial Hall at UK 5 105 undated John E. Thierman XV Pisgah Church 4 83 undated Old Episcopal Cemetery Third Street 4 84 undated James Lane Allen Memorial Fountain - Gratz Park 4 85 undated Scarlet Gate, Home of James Lane Allen 4 86 undated Claude Warnecke XVI Mother and Child - Davis Bottom 2 48 undated Winter horse farm 4 87 undated Settin Tobacco 5 106 undated Winter time - Lexington Public Park 5 107 undated Horse farm in winter 5 108 undated Earl R. Young XVII Court house details - Fayette County Court House 2 49 undated Georgetown Street "Shot Gun Houses" 4 88 undated Main Street 4 89 undated Bridge and water tower on Leestown Road 4 90 undated Old locust trees in winter 4 91 undated Collection on the Lexington Camera Club