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[5] > Image [5] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1994-02-mar1.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 5 - Chancellor Hemenway said that Mr. Anderson is a 1950 mechanical engineering graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Engineering and has been one of the staunchest supporters and friends of the College for the past three decades. He said that Mr. Anderson has always remembered his alma mater and has made possible a host of things for the College, including campus planning, recruiting, video tapes and television ads. He said that Mr. Anderson's gift of $2 million will be joined with other private gifts, and hopefully legislative approval for bonding authority, to build a new $18 million mechanical engineering building. This new building will be the last step in a plan to create comprehensive world class engineering facilities at the University. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were in attendance. They were asked to stand and be recognized, following which they received a round of applause. Governor Breathitt thanked Mr. and Mrs. Anderson for their generous gift. He said that this is a splendid demonstration of loyalty to the University and to the College of Engineering. Mr. Anderson is a witness for all of the alumni of the institution. On motion made by Mr. Hardymon, seconded by Mrs. Weinberg and carried, FCR 6 was approved. President Wethington expressed appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and members of their family for the excellent contribution to the University. He said that Mr. Anderson's gift has given everyone involved in raising private money a great boost and his support has also helped in seeking approval of the General Assembly for the mechanical engineering facility. 0. Resolution of the Bqard Qf Trustees of th-Univ rsity of Kentucky Accepting the Successful Bid for the Purchase of University of Kentucky Housing and Dining System Refunding Revenue Bonds. Series N (FQR 7) Mr. Hardymon recommended that the Board approve a Resolution accepting the successful bid of Morgan Keegan & Company with reference to the sale of the $4,170,000 (plus or minus up to $415,000) of University of Kentucky Housing and Dining System Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series N, dated February 1, 1994, at a net interest cost of 5.1192%. He reported that the cumulative savings is $212,717, the present value savings is $157,466, and the annual savings is $14,881 which is a 4.152% savings. Mr. Chellgren seconded the motion, and it carried. (See FCR 7 at the end of the Minutes.) P. Agreements with CyprusSouthern Realty Company nd the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Regarding Robinson Forest (FOR 8f) Mr. Hardymon stated that the Committee is recommending that the University's administration be authorized to enter into agreements with Cyprus Southern Realty Company and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources regarding Robinson Forest. The Cyprus agreement would settle a boundary dispute. The Fish and Wildlife agreement would establish the Forest as a Wildlife Management area. He asked Mr. Carter to provide background information.