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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1913-01-jan29-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

At a meeting of the Executive Committee for the State University held in the Presidenth office on January 29, 1913, There were present C. 3. Terrell, R. C. Stoll, and Hylel Davies; absent C. B. Nichols and C. H. Clay. C. z. Terrell was elected Chairman pro tem. President Barker reported to the Committee he had accepted the resignation of E. R. Sweetland as Athletic Di- rector and that he had employed temporarily J. J. Tigert to take charge of all athletics until June 1st next, at a salary of one hundred dollars (100.00) per raomth; also that a sten- ographer had been engaged, at sixty dollars (60.00) per month until June 1st, to do the work for the Education Department and for the Athletic Department, one-half to be paid by AthlA- ics and the oyher half by the Education Department. Motion being made and seconded that the action of the President be approved, upon a call iif the roll the vote stood as follows: Stoll, Terrell, and Davies, "Yes"; "Noes", none. President Barker recommended the employment of Charles A. Bohannon as Professor of Education in the Department of Edu cation, at a salary of fifteen hundred dollars (1500.00) per year Upon motion, made, sedonded and unanimously carried upon a yea and nay vote, the Professor -as directed to invite Professor Bohannon to a personal interview and was given full power to employ Professor Bohannon if in his judgment he would be satisfactory and if he was not employed the University s6a pay his expenses made by reason of his visit to this Universiry