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The Kentucky Kernel, February 10, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

- .tJBRlH'rriftmmWi&imiM i - fe - THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA State University of Kentucky vol. win. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, FEB. 10 1916, WILDCAT BASKETEERS ST. LOUIS CALLS FOR JIM PARK AGAIN FATHER AND THE BOYS T LOSE THREE GAMES No. 19 Jim Park received another offer last IN MUSTACHE CONTEST Friday, this time from the amalgamat TO IS WELL UNDER WAY PLAY STATE SATURDAY ed Browns and Federals Vanderbilt Wins Two With Three Zerfoss Boys Playing U. OF L. BEATS CO-ED- S State University basketball prestige suffered quite a setback last week when Vandy's Southern championship aspirants took two games on Friday respectively, nights, and Saturday and the University of Louisville girls overcame the State in one of the hardest fought contests ever seen on a local floor. Vanderbilt won from State by the scores of 39 to 25 and 23 to 10, and the girls were defeated 12 to 10, in an overtime game. The score stood 10 to 10 at the expiration of the alloted time, when it was agreed that the first to score two points would win the- decision. Friday night Vanderbilt started with a rush and apparently bewildering the local five by the display of unparalled team work, they threw baskets almost at will. On the other hand State's men were having tough luck with their shots and time after time, as the spectators held their breath, the ball would glide around the edge of the coveted iron ring only to drop outside again and be rushed down the floor to the rival basket. At the end of the half the Commodores had succeeded in securing 22 points, while State was making two field and five foul goals. spirA startling Wildcat come-bacit was displayed in the second half of the affray. Lighter men fought daunt-lesslagainst the heavy Vanderbilt team and played them to a standstill. Superior team work again proved the victor and Vandy made 17 to State's 16 in this latter period. The one man on State's team who was able to locate the basket was Derrel Hart. He sustained the hopes of the locals in the first half by pitching five fouls, as the Commodores were guilty of frequent foul plays. Cody played best for Vanderbilt, scoring 18 of the points garnered by his team. Tom Zerfoss, a brother of George and Captain Karl, who is remembered here for his football ability, as well as starring on the Wildcat quintet in 1914, entered the game during the middle of the last half and made six points. George at guard, accepted the role of guarding his older brother gallantly and the "Inter brother" contest was just about as interesting to the spectators as was the main attraction. The summary of the first game follows: Vanderbilt Cody (18), Davidson (7), T. Zerfoss (6), forwards; Ryer S), center; Turner, Parker, Blair, guards. State Hart (17), Ireland (2), K. d lt k y 9 (Continued on Page 3) of St. Louis, but says that it is not advantageous Indications Point To Much enough to Induce him to give up his Unusual Talent Is DisplayCompetition For Loved By Tentative work as assistant coach here. He ing Cup Cast says that unless ho receives an offer of more money he will remain at the MARCH 31 IS THE DATE University. TRY-OU- T OLD STARS Park was a winner laBt year with the Colts and later made a name with Interest in the mustache-growin"Father and the Boys," which will contest which was announced through the Browns that gave him interna be presented by the Strollers at the 'the columns of The Kernel several tional recognition. Lexington Opera House some time in weeks ago, still continues at fever March, is well under way after three heat and new entries are being re- WOMEN PLAN TO rehearsals. BUY VICTROLA FOR ceived each day. If the few hirsute Y. M. C. A. ROOM The talent this year combines the adornments appearing on the campus best of the old and some very promisthis early in the game can be taken Under the auspices of the women of ing new material. With two or more as an indication of the number that Lexington, who are interested in stu- persons for each part in the play, who will be In the contest by the time it dent welfare, submarine motion pic- are well matched, keen competition is closes, March 31, there is no doubt tures will be shown at the Lexington assured. It is probable that a final that a sudden clipping of these Opera House, Saturday morning from selection of principals and understud"senior ambitions" would make the 8:30 until 1:30, for the benefit of the ies will be delayed necessarily until campus look as It did in days of yore Y. M. C. A. reading room at this Uni- almost time for the production to go when Freshmen surrendered their versity. on the stage. crowning glory to the shears of the The reading room' is much in need Rehearsals were conducted at Pat Seniors. of equipment and it is proposed that terson Hall this week, under the suThe beautiful loving cup will be among other things a Victrola and pervision of Herbert Graham, in the awarded to the Senior possessing the some books be purchased. stage best mustache on March 31. This is The committee in charge of the en- absence of William Shinnick, manager. Mr. ahinnlck, however, is not an ordinary mustache-growintertainment is composed of Mrs. Ed- expected to return in time to take contest although some people seem to win Muller, chairman; Mrs. charge of the rehearsals next week, think it is. Quality will count as much Mrs. S. T. Harbison, Mrs. W. and will direct the play until its pro as quantity and the Senior who be T. Lafferty, Mrs. J. W. Morford, Mrs. duction. comes careless and lets his mustache Loula Haggin, Mrs. C. R. Melcher, Among those who are prominent in droop until it becomes Desmondic Mrs. A. W. Marshall, W. R. Averlll, the tentative cast for "Father and the will not stand much chance with the Mrs. Oliver, Misses M. A. Pearson, Boys" is Emery Frazier, who played man who prunes and caresses his F. S. Jewell, Martha Hume and Dean in "The Democratic Mother," and adornment until it will come when Anna J. Hamilton. "Charley's Aunt." Mr. Frazier is reccalled. The pictures, which promise to be Prominent among the Seniors who unusually interesting and instructive, ognized as one of the most talented young actors in the Strollers and he are looked upon as possible winners will show unique features of underis expected to do good work In this will be found Mr. Eichelberger. He sea life and perils of under-sewaryear's production. has developed a remarkable mustache riors. Miss Rebecca Smith, one of the In the short time that the contest has most talented young women in the been in progress and he will give any University, who has carried difficult Senior a run for his imoney before the KY. KERNEL PLANS roles in "Charley's Aunt" and "The contest closes. Lost Paradise," has been cast for the B. T. McClure, of the College of Ag leading role in the tentative cast of riculture, appeared on the campus "Father and the Boys." Miss May some time ago with a Turner was happily selected for the mustache. Since that time, much to the regret of his friends, he has had All Students Requested To attractive role of Emily in this piece, which she has handled ably in rehearContribute To Speit painlessly extracted. There has sals. Miss Turner was prominent in been considerable speculation as to cial Edition r amateur theatricals in Louisville, McClure's reason. The consensus of college. Misses Alice entering opinion seems to be that he has cut it The Literary Issue of The Kentucky off in order to get a fresh start, as Kernel will appear Thursday, Febru- Gregory and Edness Kimball seem one of the hairs did not lay straight. ary 24. The maximum of space will well fitted for the part of Frances, a When a Senior figures it down to such be given to literary contributions of breezy, good natured society bud. a fine point as that, a big fight for su- merit and every student is earnestly Miss Virginia Stout has shown her premacy on March 31 when the loving urged to contribute. ability previously in dramatic procup will be awarded can well be exAll literary material must be in the ductions in the University. Others pected. hands of the editor before February who are expected to show ability this 21. Short contributions of every kind year are Misses Johnnie Cramer, COUNTY AGENTS are solicited. No anonymous contri- Eliza Spurrier and Nancy Innis. butions will be accepted, but names CLOSE ANNUAL E. A. Blackburn has been cast for SESSION TODAY will not bo published if so desired. "Tuck," the breezy follower of the Drop contributions in The Kernel "ponies," and boxing master for Tom Fifty county agents who have been box at the main door of the Adminis- Morowood. Mr. Blackburn has not holding their sessions at the Experi- tration Building. played in previous Stroller producment Station for several days, visited tions, but he is expected to make a The meeting of the county agents Toditable showing this year. Wav-erlthe stock farm of Colonel E. H. Taylor and attended the sale of Duroc will close today after one of the most Brlggs and Leonard Taylor fit Jersey hogB at the farm of McKee successful as well as most interest- well into the rolo of juveniles, and Brothers last Friday, the usual daily ing sessions ever held. make a happy pair. James McConnell, discussions for the day being diswho played in "Charley's Aunt," and 1 CLUI IN CHAPEL TODAY pensed with. 12. the "College Widow," is one of the g McEl-downe- a be-fo- y -- IPPPll mfmmwiMimmvm Wildcats Expect Hard Con test With Falls City Aggregation K. C. W. HERE FRIDAY Basketball enthusiasts learn with much satisfaction that definite ar rangements for games with the University of Louisville have been completed. The first game will be played at the Auditorium Saturday night with a return game in Louisville, Feb ruary 22. It was at first believed that the two teams would be unable to agree on dates this season. Louisville has defeated both George town and Transylvania this year and State has taken two from Georgetown, so it appears that the outcome of these two games will decide the championship of the State. Coach Tlgert, as well as the student body, expects a hard and fast contest, as Louisville has one of the strongest quintets gotten together in tke State for some time. Probably their best man is Captain Kornfleld, who plays one of the forward positions. Daniels, center, as well as Terry and guards, are gridiron stars and are especially good at the basket game. State will more than likely start Zerfoss, the game with this line-up- : captain, and Hart, forwards; Server, center; Gumbert and George Zerfoss, guards. Coach Hinton, the popular and efficient director of athletics at Georgetown will handle the game. Centre College will play the Wildcats next Tuesday night. On Friday night the K. C. W. girls' team of Danville, will be here to play the State quintet. This team has debated both Kentucky Wesleyan and Louisville, both of whom forced the State girls to accept the pangs of The Kentucky girls will have to put forth an added effort to cope with will probably this team. The line-ube Misses limes and Bastln, guards; Heller, center; Flanery and Cregor forwards. Misses Geisel and Haydon will probably be given a chance to win laurels for their team and themselves. de--a- t. p prominent men in this year's production. Others are Herbert Graham, who was stage manager of last year's pro"Charley's Aunt," duction, and a member of the cast of the "College Widow," and "The Call of the Blood;" Tate Bird, H. J. Evans, Henry Powell, Hector Lawson, Tom Richards and Estill Wood. Franklin Corn, who played In "The Call of the Blood," "Pygmalion and Galatea," and "The College Widow," Is expected to win a berth in this year's production.