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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Pate Two adclphia Chapter. The reason the Secretary, Roy S. Clarke, ex, was married September 30 to Miss Anna W. Stewart and has just returned from a short wedding trip." The ex planation is entirely satisfactory. We and good extend congratulations wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Clarke. Alumni Notes Editor Alumni Secretary catling an instructor who has been prominent in the practical field. CALENDAR Pittsburgh, Oct. 27 dinner at 6:00 p. m., Fort Pitt Hotel. Detroit, October 28 (Lait Sat- urday Regular) dinner, 6:30, Dix- ieland Inn. Philadelphia, Nov. 11 Ken- tucky Day, with Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Lewis. Lexington, Nov. 11 (Second Saturday Regular) luncheon at Address 12:30, Phoenix Hotel. by Dr. A. D. Harmon, President College. The of Transylvania alumni of Transylvania will join in the luncheon. ALUMNI DIRECT NEWS Colonel Felix Kcrrtck, instructor in Male High School at Louisville, was Commanding Officer of the Reserve Units at Camp Knox during the sum mer. During the World War Colonel Kcrrick served on the Advisory Com mittcc of the Draft Board. He has been connected with the Male High School since 1914. Residence, Anch orage, Ky. Greater Publishers Include Number of "Kentuckitns" The power of the University in Kentucky is increased by the number of former students who have become the directors of newspapers of the state, sixty per cent of them in the last six months. These publishers in '02 clude: "Ohl Boy! This is some notel Henry County Local, Ed A. How anybody after reading it could Shelby Record, William Shin-nic- fail to stick his feet right up in the Pincville Sun, Presley T. At- middle of your back, I can't sec, for ( O t, kins; Benton Joe I'll say, Herb, you're the hot lalama T. Lovctt; Jessamine Journal, Harry looza. Gosh I I didn't lealize I was a McCarty; Anderson News, Kccnc maverick. Say, here's my two simo Light is shed on the published news Johnson; Hart County News, F. Icons brand me quick." Dr. W. L. of football games played by the WildTyler Munford; Paris Kcntuckian-Citizc- Bowling, 301 Kendall Bldg., Pasa cats in a letter received by the Alumni Alvin Thompson, and the dena, Calif. Secretary from H. M. Sheppard, Hazard Herald, W. E. Baker. State representative of the Associated editors of two The managing 04 Press. Mr. Sheppard says: leading dailies are Thomas R. Under "I note that 'alumni in eastern "Best wishes for Mrs wood, Lexington Herald, and Graccan cities have made repeated inquir10 Hern- - Robert Wyld (Margaret Hart), Pcdley, Owensboro Inquirer. ies about the lack of news there Ingraham Blvd., Hempstead, L. I., don J. Evans is chief of the Associated of Kentucky football games' and Y. Press Bureau, at Frankfort, and N. that 'the alumni are numerous Wayne T. Cottingham, the A. P. at enough to have organized clubs '05 Jefferson City, Mo. Other alumni of which meet monthly in such "I appreciate the Kernel very the Department of Journalism hold places as New York, Philadelphia, important positions in and out of Ken- much." V. D. Roberts, Supt. Public Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cincinnati, tucky as editors, publishers, reporters Schools, Stearns, Ky. Mrs. Roberts Denver and elsewhere.' I am was formerly Zella Mae Thurman, '04. and special writers. glad to tell you that the scores of all Kentucky collegiate games '07 NOVEMBER 4 APPEALS have been handled out of Louis"Hope to be in Lexington Novemville on our wires. In some inHome Coming Day is Center of Alum ber 4 for home coming and to sec stances, where the importance of the football game." E. M. Dcnham ni Interest the game warranted it, the scores Coal Co.) WilThe greatest crowd of alumni in (with Perkins-Harla- n have been accompanied by leads." liamsburg, Ky. Committees from alumni approach- history at a football game, is the "I enjoy the Kernel out here, forty-fiv- e tilt, ing their local sporting editor with promise for the Kentucky-Cente- r miles from a railroad, in the greatthis quotation probably will get the November 4, Home Coming Day. single oil pool in the world. Am results they seek. The principal Charles A. Mahan, chairman of ar est games yet to be played are Sewanee, rangements, has had enthusiastic re rearing a football player and a fair d with the aid of their mother. county agents Vanderbilt, Center, Alabama and ports from his sixty-fiv- e in Kentucky, members of a special Here's to a good football season." Tennessee. Phil F. Shannon, Field Supt. Inland committee. Most of the alumni will be from Oil and Gas Refg. Co., Box 23, Salt UNIVERSITY LEADS COLLEGES Kentucky, though many from beyond Creek, Wyoming. Relative Merits of Classical Schools the State have arranged vacations to '09 fit this schedule. "Everything will be is Subject of Debate Regularity is a fine thing when car-- , Relative scholastic merits of the informal," says Mr. Mahan, lunch several Kentucky colleges and Uni- eons before the game, feeds after- ried out in the paying of dues on the versities have been the subject of ward and dancing in the evening. same date each year as in the case of much comment recently, supplanting More than half the seats in the Alum-l- i F. H. Tucker, who requests that the Section have been sold for the Kernel be sent to his address, Bureau in part the discussion of football. of Public Roads, Department of Agsuperiority of the game. "The age-ol- d Kriculture, Washington, D. C. 'classical courses' in other Kentucky So far as our records show, Mrs. institutions is a hoax," says one KenSidney B. Schwab (Sara Kaufman) tucky dean. He paid tribute to the has never missed paying dues any present high standing of the Kentucky year since graduating. Her address colleges and then presented his arguis 1079 South Ogden street, Denver ment. The sixty-fiv- e members of the Geo. D. Karsner, faculty of the Colleges of Arts and had the only Colo. Naught nine seems to have the Sciences, University of Kentucky, agricultural exhibit at the Kentucky real spirit. represent the leading universities of State Fair and all who saw it were '10 America, practically all of them much pleased with it. Mr. Karsner holding advanced degrees, more than is Justice of the Peace, Sixth Mag"I plead guilty of procrastination! a dozen, the degree of Doctor of isterial District, Lexington, but has Herewith, check. Am boosting for Philosophy. All the Kentucky Col- not given up his agricultural work. Old Kentucky to wall"? Centre. A leges combined have fewer teachers His son, A. S. Karsner (Kittie) '07, heavy coat for winter? Don't need it." is with the State Road Department at B. F. Robinson (Ass't Eng'r, M. of of the classics than the University. A recent card from the University Princeton, Ky. W. Dept., Florida East Coast R. R.) calls attention tc "the Colleges of Address 23 Cincinnati Ave., St. "The local contingency expects to Augustine, Fla. Arts and Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering and Law offer combined have a meeting in the near future advantages unequalled elsewhere in and at that time 'round up all the 11 Kentucky." There is much of an in- strays' in the Birmingham district." is with the P. L. Threlkeld, terchange of courses among these E. J. Kohn, '12, Secretary. Address State Highway Dept., address, 99 colleges. The University leads in Box 35, Ensley, Ala. Pearson Drive, Asheville, N. C. the addition of professional courses "It is always better to be late than like Art, Music, Business Administra"Perhaps you think it strange that never. I am pulling for the Wildcats tion and Journalism, for each of these you have had no news from the Phil- - to clean up everything in football this fall. Want to get up to see them beat Center." L. L. Adams, roadmaster, Atlanta Division of L. & N. R. R., Etowah, Tenn. I I I I I State THE UNION Will Be Olad to Show You THE LATEST MODELS AND PATTERNS IN TAILORED HIGH-GRAD- E Suits and Overcoats at popular prices $25.00 $27.50 $30.00 GIVE US A TRIAL. Gul-lio- 333 W. Main St. Lexintjton, Ky. Tribune-Democra- n, 1922-23- ." co-e- University Dining Room Open For Students MEAL TICKETS ON SALE AT CAFETERIA 94.74 for Twenty lVleals IMMMMMMHMMMMM MATTHEW, MANGiONE A. A COMPANY The Progressive SHOE HOSPITAL My Work and Prices Always Keep Me Busy 140 South Limestone SPECIAL ATTENTION TO STUDENTS University Lunch Room "HOME OP STUD.EN.TS! Good Things to -- Betwixt Us Eat at All Hours MR. and MRS. W. M. POULIS, Props. ex-7- 9, A. Keller Co. Florists John "SAY IT WITH FLO WE IS REPRESENTED ON THE CAMPUS BY AlDngQt PhoM 4085 O R ft WM MtUtlll 230 S. Limetoat) ex-1- 1, ALUMNI RESERVATION Kentucky Centre Game, Nov. 4 Box Seats Send Me (Total $3.50 Each) Reserved Seats ($2.50 Each) Name Address Alumni Section will be near center of field on south side. Mail Your Order to the Alumni Secretary. NO MAIL ORDERS WILL BE RECEIVED AFTER NOON, OCTOBER 30. FOOTBALL 152 S. PARRISH & BROMLEY DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING Limestone St. Phone QUALITY AND SERVICE 1550-- Y '12 "Please refrain from addressing me as 'Miss.' (We did it once Editor) the title belongs to my young daughter. Otherwise we have no fault to find with you or the Kernel, and wish you good luck." M. M. Harrison, with Miller Rubber Co., address 334 Merriman Road, Akron, O. 13 Miss Lida Scott McCarty, who has been connected with the Lake Division of the A. R. C, offices at Owensboro, Ky., is taking a course in the University of Chicago, this winter. Her ad- - (Continued on Page 7) HUGHES SCHOOL OF DANCING PHOENIX HOTEL UNIVERSITY -- HIGH SCHOOL DANCE SATURDAY EVENINGS, 9 TO 12 P. M. (Smith's Sextette) Special Rates for Individual and Club Instruction. Phone 547. IJJQIQIQSQBIQIQIQIEjlQSOBIQIIBBjQBjBBSjBjQ