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Interview with W. Terry McBrayer, July 12, 2006

Part of Kentucky Legislature Oral History Project

Interview with W. Terry McBrayer, July 12, 2006
Roy Salmons; interviewer. W. Terry McBrayer; interviewee.
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In a follow-up interview, McBrayer (House 1966-70, 76th district; 1971-1972, 98th district; Democrat) and the interviewer move away from the legislature and focus on moral issues and McBrayer's personal philosophy. Issues discussed include the work ethic of today's young people, the effect of family and financial background on work ethics, parenting, drug abuse, government assistance, healthcare, stem cell research, the significance of expanding your horizons by experiencing areas outside of your hometown, and McBrayer's own work ethic during college and in his law practice. The interview concludes with a discussion of McBrayer's role in starting the State Capital Global Law Firm Group. Part 3 of 4.
Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
University of Kentucky
Legislators -- Kentucky -- Interviews., Political ethics., Work ethic., Public welfare -- Kentucky., Practice of law -- Kentucky., Medical laws and legislation, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Public welfare, Medicine, Preventive, Preventive health services, Stem cells Research, Greenup County (Ky.), Louisville (Ky.), University of Louisville, State Capital Law Firm Group, Work ethic, Parenting, Drug abuse, living wage, health care legislation, welfare, preventive care, stem cell research, Education, Term/District: House (1966-1970), 76th district; (1971-1972), 98th district, Leadership Position(s): Speaker Pro Tem, 1968 -- House Majority Floor Leader, 1970, Counties in District: Greenup County (Ky.)
Kentucky Legislature Oral History Project
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