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Interview with Adolph Rupp

Part of University of Kentucky Athletics Project

Interview with Adolph Rupp
Adolph Rupp; interviewee. Russell Rice; interviewer.
oral histories
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Adolph Rupp starts the interview remembering the difficulty he had in deciding if he should leave Freeport High School (Illinois) to coach at the University of Kentucky. He then talks about the frequency with which he is asked about his brown suit, and goes on to explain the story. Rupp discusses the clubs and societies he joined in Freeport, Illinois, and mentions that nothing like them exists in Lexington. He lists the names of some of the players on his first few teams at the University of Kentucky, and the development of the inside screen play in basketball. Rupp describes the attitude of the players when he arrived, and how he instilled discipline and maturity in them. Rupp goes in to detail about University of Kentucky's loss in the Southern Conference Championship to Maryland in 1931 and the positive reception of the finale of his first season as the University of Kentucky basketball coach. Rupp finishes the interview by briefly describing the next two seasons and the formation of the Southeastern Conference.
Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky
University of Kentucky
Rupp, Adolph, 1901-1977, University of Kentucky--Basketball, Basketball coaches--Biography, Basketball--History, Freeport (Ill.), Lexington (Ky.), Southeastern Conference, Southern Conference, University of Kentucky Men's Basketball (1930-1931), Southern Conference Men's Basketball Championship (1931), UKAW
University of Kentucky Athletics Project
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