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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1988, no. 3

Part of Kentucky alumnus

A _ fi;siT; "-i A A"A @*1., ` ' " A H `fY { I ` ..'" gi; `. A l_.._V, . ,.__. .. , . . . " .. at ii i 2 t v . I I I f . Vitamins, Enzymes, Antibodies fi . . . . . . Q Ileonidas Bachas, an assistant professor "Because an enzyme is a biocatalyst, ology, structural engineering, learning The , of analytical chemistry at UK, has re- you can get a very sensitive technique styles, biotechnology, foreign poht-t_ ,;,.,1, I reiverl a $96,501 rrant from the Nation- because ou am lif the si nal, he environmental health and s ace exriit). K ` S Y P Y g _ P t It. 1 i al Institute of Health to study methods said. ration. mm I . . . . :, of using enzymes and antibodies to Bachas hopes to develop a method of Most of the lecturers are from I K, {JW, , measure hormones and vitamins. attaching one vitamin per enzyme, but several come from throughout the `[ 'l`he grant will be extended for five which will improve the procedures nation. mp ii ; years to cover much of the 15504,122 detectionlimits. "Every program is different, I?ur mn fi . . . . . . . . . . A fj cost of the protect. Practical applications of such a tech- ley said. "We cross many discipline. {N S f . . . . . ` . nique may include clinical analysis, And the method seems to work, mt, t; _ diagnosis and biotechnology. "Theyre excited," she saidoi the Shgp i_ I . participants. "And thats what vt `rc mg {Q . _ . V after." She said some have even tant 3,,, _ , il;. UK/IBM EXCEL Program back to school. { f _ L She said artici ants evaluation of . I. , W, y, P P sti c ` Y- i` M? an Cducgtigngl prggrgm Spgn- the pI`OgI21Yl'l IIZVC Sl'1OWl'l pl t?Il[ ggq , A Sgygd the Univgygity Of Kentucky SE1[lSI`3C[lO1'l. BLM WI` still I`flHlfl _ ll. ` i and has rgggivgd ngtigngl r(;() - We continually look 21[ [IIC V3lUEi{l()\%.`i SUS I . . . g . , nition {or excellence. niet i The Ex andin Creativit for En- t P _S Y _ _ .l __ _ hanced Leadership program received an Roselle SCi`\OiClI'Si'1Ip tier if PIP"` wfnmg {O UK [WO Ycqfs agot award from the Association of Continu- V- tot ii . Bhl' he OmItil "'}"l}y}'i"l fc} ing Higher Education duringa regional A $10,000 scholarship endowmet at nrt . Tfdff I on ffimpoum *_ O MO Oglm meeting injackson, Miss., April 29. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Yiilt stan if i j , _ lmf)("iiml(hm {iw Slml)lc such as UK officials presented the plaque to University in Blacksburg, Va., has one it V { f , l i fmmsilmil {md Shu1_ to _thC more Kailash _]oshi, site general manager of been named in honor of Univcrsi 0 " if i Q (msi) i X mlil;()f;` dm l ul_T{lnl:' I _ IBM Lexington, last May 6 in the Car- Kentucky President David P. Roseiw. uaw ~ i`2.`.'i "'i 'i' Zi; 1 . [U in`: Lila; Ii;:'?(tl\>";`(i`;igtvwlifx nahan Conference Center. Roselle, who was provost at Vilr ima Sv. il if _ I _ ` fa h_ h The presentation concluded the Tech for four years before comu- to tow _ ~ f_ "5" ""'";}SS}l* ' week-long distinguished lecturer series. UK, gave the 1nstitutes 1988 fm- "ff ;Il( ilbllllbl I Il vt\IIlU;lIl}[ Uh \I[c1H]ID O? Ltwc WcI. that this,l got Ingnccrnent address Saturday, \,`.;l.>. I i lI'lmm' } Pdmpf W I ( Mmmm O recognition? said _]an Hurley, UK`s More than 20,000 persons atte-. in Mi t tw y` ill wits. uriissuc. Thc hrst EXCBL program was oi- c1uc1rng3,80O undergraduates. MM l As part ot the procedure vitamins or ~ - . tl _ ` fI`Cl l1'1 SptCI11bI` 1985. SIHCC that The Scholarship endowment l']2.ll( Cllfs tl_ t hormones are attached to enzyme mole- time (WO [O Your pmgmms have been for thc UK president will give 3 gl. ,,,1,, Q - .-. w t .. "` V ii iymlin TIE]? gh; Y lnfliififli Eindi {8} ih; offered each year. ginia Tech senior mathematics stti lvm Mn it ~ in _ ul? H mln nu] W ll; 1 The purpose is to broaden awareness $600 a year-_ tht I _ ` UM ) > l$5$H lu? to Ufumm [1* of academic issues and research and to amount ot vitamin in the sample. kindlc ,m cmhuqhsm {Or learning [ IBM selects about 50 employees to ` ii participate in each series. This weeks t t i program featured topics such as archae- ii I { E if i g 1 f i i Qt 1 it . tit l L- I fz ; UK 2 S: i l