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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 4, No. 1, January 1949

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

s injury is caused by the young bugs (nymphs) sucking the sap from the small green berries. The adult bug overwinters in the adult stage and is present in berry 1 patches at blooming time. Contrgh Fairly good control of this insect on other crops has been secured with 5% DDT dust applied at the rate of 30 pounds per acre. Chlordan by itself is ineffective but mixed dusts containing 10% chlordan and 5% DDT have given control superior to that obtained with DDT alone. Other materials which have given good control of plant bugs in experimental tests in other states are 2 /2 parathion, 20% chlorinated camphene and benzene hexachloride (3% gamma isomer content). White sasl; Injury. Plants wilt suddenly and die. Digging shows large white grubs (Fig. 9) of l\/lay beetles have eaten off the large roots or gouged out the crowns (Fig. 8). . Qontrci. Grow a cultivated crop for at least 2 years before setting strawberries. Plants set on land infested with grubs can be protected from attack by putting 1-1/Z ounces of a mixture of 1 part of lead arsenate and 20 parts of fine, dry sand on the roots and in each hole when plants are set. When plants are found wilted because of grub attack, dig out the grubs and destroy them before they can move to other plants. Leaf-roller lnjjgirh Folded leaves turn brown and clie. Damage caused by a small green larva. Control If severe damage has been caused to new plantings, spray or 3 dust three times at weekly intervals in the fall to destroy the overwintering population. Use a cryolite dust made of 1 part cryolite, 2 parts talc, and Z parts of flour; or spray with 3 pounds of lead arsenate in 100 gallons of water; or spray with 5 pounds of cryolitein 100 gallons of water, using some good * spreader, If treatment is delayed until spring, treat before blossom time. Qsiwrms lijury. Newlyset plants are cut off at or just below the ground level. Qgntrol, Use poison bait prepared from 1 pound paris green mixed with Z5 pounds of bran. Add just enough water to moisten all the particles but not enough tomake the mash sloppy, Scatter the bait evenly over the patch at dusk, using 10 to 15 pounds per acre.