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36 > Image 36 of Catalogue of the Officers, Studies, and Students of the State College of Kentucky, Lexington, Volume 6 (Session ending 1908 June 4)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

oonmssrz or Aearouuruas. 31 now becomes the College of Agriculture and occupies, in the early summer of 1908, the new Agricultural Building. The erection of this building, which has cost about $35,000, was authorized by the Board of Trustees at its meeting in December 1906, and work was begun in the spring of 1907. The present structure, which is 451:100 r feet in size, is designed as the wing of a much larger ` building, which the growing interest in Agricultural edu- J cation will probably necessitate within a few years time. " It is located upon the southwest corner of the college campus within five minutes walk of the Experiment Station building and the nearer portions of the college farm. The construction is of the most thorough and sub- stantial character, the materials being native limestone for the foundation, Maysville pressed brick, Bedford stone, numerous steel girders to provide for large and unobstructed iioor-areas, and a roof-covering of red tiles. The roomy basement, which is floored through- out with cement, contains large rooms for farm mechanics, farm machinery, a potting and propagating room, seed-room, a compartment for the heating plant and a connnodious lavatory for men. Upon the first floor near the main entrance is the office of the Dean, which is attractively finished in hardwood with a massive brick mantel and othe1 appropriate furnishings. Adjoining this is a private laboratory, and nearby are { the Horticultural lecture-room, Horticultural laboratory A and the Botanical laboratories. Upon the second fioor are the office of the professor of Agronomy and the pro- fessor of Animal Husbandry, a lecture-room for Animal _ Husbandry, and laboratories for Soil Physics and for . {@1* Agronomy. A feature of special interest upon this iioor W1011 is a beautiful room provided with fireplace and attractive A