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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Barren County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

Y ll 4... 5 . Q Burron County Historical Society (Continucd) _; Eyrposcz To crcatc intcrost and to colloct snd_prcscrvc historicnl dutn $ conccrning Barron County. ` Q Iormul Civic Activitics: Homo. ~. C { "-`__-`~"_--``*"_``_"``_' , . Q Dofcnsc Lctivitios; Intorcstod in Rod Cross Asistrncc, Child Caro, { """""`"""'"""' ""`T"*"" 1 q""T"T"`T"" """ . . . Collcction of Scrap nctuls and Othor hctols, Collccting Cooks, Touch- , ing Litcrucy Clossos for Llions und`Cthcrs. sm . Q A _g Locol Publications: Nonc. . _ ' ` V r { BARHEI COUNTY HCKENCIERS nSSCCl.TlCI ... (Extcnsion Scrvicc, University of y wontuckv), c/o Hrs. Bortbo BQ Ninick, Eomc Domonstrotion Lgcnt, Cl ss~ lg gow; Foundod l955. Prosidcnt, Mrs. Bcrthc E. Ninick. Tclcphonc l83. lg Tcrm.cxpircs l93. gf M Hcmbcrship: 2E. Opcn to rural ncrsons intcrostcd in improving cducst- Q ionil and homc`conditions. 1, r * Ccmmittccs:'All committccs of orgcuizztion work on vcriousphcscsFood, A Citizonship, Icighborhood Lcudcrs, Sponkcrs Buroau gurtioulnrlv. Purgosozlmprotcnogt of rural homo lifc. ` Qi Iornul Civic Activitics: Cooperation with ull othcr civic orgirizxt- r V, ions (Rod Cross, T. B. Association, Uplfarc work in Community, ctc.). Dcfonso Lctivitics: lntorcstcd in Eospitrl ind Clinical nssistonco, Y Sewing and Proporction of Surgical Drossin;s,Ecd Cross ucsistuncc, _ First nid, Prcpurotiom and Swrving of Food, Cporntion o? Coniccns, {* CbildCcro, Collection of Scrup Metals ono Othor Wctuls, Collecting SW Boots, Discussion Lcsdcrs, Public Ufcoking, Touching Literacy Cluss g os for nlicns and Othors, Rsscwrch Qssistvncc, Conrumcr Yrotcction nctivitios, Assisting in dcvclooiig Ibighborhood Lcadcrskip Syctom ii` for giving out Dqfcnso Progrcm lnfornution. _t Lczcl Publications: Homo. Q . * " ` ?{ FCY scoUro, lLJEOHZ C-VH DIVILICF (F ``. tional Council, Sov couts'oS C_ nmcrics), c/o Lcroy Ncumcistor, Clasgow. Foundco l9B5. Chsirmon, Leroy C-. to Noumoistor. Tclcphonc lC5. form cxpir s February, l945. li ld Hxocrtivc, ii Burns Dcwcll, Bowling Crctn. Ecrm cxpircs Docux&mr,_l942. C _ Vtmbtrshio; SO. Opcn to boys 12 to 13 yczrs of ago cblc to pcs: scout ,,` tcst and rcquir.mcits. = . _ Cl . 1.,...1. jd 1 1 O rw-. V}: . ,JC .{,~ T ,, [lj}, lr v.. ,Ommj, COS; F; Ur Q; , Y, Q, g ;4~.t.t, EA cnsL,n, C. H. Ti` r.; ndzw; ccnc;t, iitcholl Ellis; Ccmoing ani -etivitics, F. Evcrstt VT?l; Evan r ( Ship T1`*j~Hi5 Elbert J, j;1_;y,yS'_ flu Cf. H__AQ:i: _4_