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2 > Image 2 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 5, December 1947

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

ed that it was full of meadow mice four equal pieces. Do_ not peel or . WH t and their small runways were every- core. Place three to five quarts or H where. This grower has had some the cut bait in a clean, dry metal hui mouse injury in the past and can pail or can. Measure_one levcl_tea- gui expect more if he does not cut down spoon of zinc phosphide rodenticide t0 E his mouse population. Examinations for each quart of cut ba1t._ Dusr qd, should be made by growers regular- over the sliced apples and stir un- V ` . ly each fall, and, if mice are found, til the bait is uniformly coated with W poison bait should be applied. the poison. ht is tgrcrrliieady gofuse. on One quart o` .>ai wi rea rom _, WHERE T0 LOOK FOR onethird to one acre of orchard, Id; ORCHARD MICE depending upon the degree o_f in- _ _ festation. Prepare fresh bait daily. ~ , WWE orchord me are S> aswts lace ars ssa Bait isa. " ` associated with injury in apple or- mem Shmgd bo Svstmqticp {md Tl eh3rcl5_ they .11lSO Ofteli CZIUSE $C`i`iOU$ tho!-0ugh_ USC gn. icq; pick 0r point- m mjuly to peach NCES and Othcl d tiff vire to lrce the bait and fruit plantings. They seem to con- $ IS _ fu _ p,_ ,_ M__ _ DL sider Golden Delicious, Grimes O_ Omg, lc {Elim`]ii>._1l;L 1c?BH. . ll; Golden, Polly Eades and other gigfscgpxllsC(i1\nL(;C,iN;n,l?&0g?..,S;iLi. ?"` yellow varieties among their favor- they Czwcr md \,C,;m,.(, m{O` th, ggnfgg,,SbQ;C;> Seldom damooc Esss. Foii thisireaspn ssrts%stsiss.Z {3% . " of tile, 1 ass, meta , or woo are no <>1hod mice mic gcncwuy of longer gecommended. Bait should if- EWO typS_th meadow mouse and be placed onlv in runways. As a I the pine mouse. The meadow mouse general rule blacc the bit about if is usually a surface feeder and has 10 {cet apmft If ,.unwavS am bb runways On the Surface of the neath the drip area of`trees. two ? ground, while the pine mouse large- to foul. placements in the mu, S ly constructs underground runways would Sumcc Om upplc Slice at _ ood toooolo Foo? of **S~ how- Lsar baiting spot is surnam. r>isrr , $;5EgCSSidS2;EiLl;;;ii_ bmh On thc grass liglhtly over ithenliaitl. B\aituanly n ~ ~r> ,;"s To locate the 5foo 1`umVaYS iEiriiiidvsl.HBaiturfrolcbrunwavs H ?5$aihEsrs1f`s%iiFsr&"iiSrt2d $E" {* Qi. "` EE E if z # . . runwav. twooo ood oooooth tho wooo Too iiiistgisif(isda'sZii.ii1iIa,p1sss the f runways aE of COuES> Very Small} bait in the runways beneath, and let l being about as wide as two fingers, ' and are branched and rebranched ltilgfvn aa1;`.t Th b t {mc to and often lead to small holes in the b_ .t mw _ _hm_& ._ Gqftmf hl Wei, ground or to nesting mounds. One fi; Q? fm', ai} _1h,` E1 Q Q1 fj . L can easily determine whether or not En EO? t E?hE{ EE E"tF-E {HE; l the runways are being used by the EQ Compuc Cn HG1? mlgmog t ,11; 1 presence or absence of fresh mouse {FEE El? N "fuyb {On.?/{ml `_ cglifit * droppings. Also. runways or tunnels _ Eipllgf OE CF] fclj * we {ufl Img Y beneath the surface can be located dg IEE we 8 C Ol?I?O0n lmhl f . i b lookin for the tell-tale surface E tmQOn hmcc bmtmg m t C - OIC, ` ' Y S . . b ~ , noon is preferable. Do not bart on , .=th=r Ooeomos as MH S PFOE was rain extremely sas o r ing into the soil about the trees l_ y y with a sharp stick. lf the stick sud- C`l3;S` , ; denly drops an inch or so after ' P"a_ut0$ il) Entmst U"` being pushed through the tcp 1-3 preparation ot bait only to responi inches of soil it indicates a runway Slblc PEYSODS- _(2 Wash lh? h*md EES bm EE"`EtE if`? Els uiiSI1ZrrSfis?`rr{`IEYQEWZYE ai , an a ie ( . *EN "EE EVERY EEEE Eussi$f$1StirisrQi{*}Ei` ri>s`QZ? e . Tho followioa is oootod from o hgndle ssa with bm hsmis. <4> recent article by G C Oderkirkpf Use only rodenticide taken from tho U S- Dooortmoot of Iotomor sir-agiit containers, ss it loses its V appearing in King Apple and Queen potency ` Peach of _Ill1no1s under,) the title ==StryChhjhc_cOatCd Oats, whcah POISOH MICE Every Fall or rolled oats bait may also be used. "How to make the bait. Select Place heaping teaspoonfuls at one small ripe apples. Cut each apple in or two points in runways between half and then slice each half into each tree and at two to four points . 2