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Image 5 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 5, December 1947

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

ls ot new variety is gaining many new Sections represented: Large apple iour:. friends each year. Tennessee Ship- exhibits were shown by growers uded per is also grown to some extent from Graves, McCracken. Jefferson, >rays hut it has not gamed as much pop- and 'I`rimble counties. The peach rover ularity in the Paducah section as it and grape exhibits were largely rrinv has further north at Greenvrlle, Lou- from Trimble and Jefferson coun- eville, and around (Yovington in ties, with pear exhibits from Jef- m,._,_.I northern Kentucky. I _ ` ferson and Boyle counties. Colorful, mph r_·\iound Lriuisville and llUl1l1l‘l!1 individual orchard Vbooth displays lmd ht-ntueky_ tl renrier has Bhelen the were entered from Graves and Jef- ;uUS_ 11111111 \'£ll'lL‘ }' \\'l 1 $(11110 ·2i CHTOYC. f(»]·$(;y] gUu¤t_jCS_ .. ,, ` Here again in these sections both . .. A __ A x i