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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 5, December 1947

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

The fruit exhibit this year was ing out the new terraces in Hender- als! featured by fruit of very high quali- son and McCracken counties, the ty in all divisions and was fully engineers took these earlier experi- il up to standard in the apple, peach. ences into consideration and sup- and grape sections but entries of plied a greater fall to the terraces plums, P8l`S, DHWPHWS, hiCk01`y as well as more frequent outlets to nuts, walnuts, and pecans were speed up water run-off. somewhat light. A' feature of the These interested in ieliuelng el._ SC 1947 exhibit was a display of com- el.l,u.d`slies uml Seiiln, iermeed O, ill mon fruit insect and disease in- i_ _d end qi? . .t d .l` iii juries which enabled the general Cljll Simlijl OWL _ Oivlsl. all l"` hi public to identify tllle types of fruit SiLl L LSL lim ll il allLlllgS T injury OCC\.ll'1`iIlg at Om. TLIE As conditions return more nearly . CONCR , , UIT to normal, followirilg the war, it is " ksh antici ated that tie fruit exhibit . . _ i will egpand materially in all classes. The Amcrlcml llg'l Sll) F" The Fair Beard is edex>eietih2 with The American Prrmrrirrgaeai serie li all departments in order to itil- etv will celebrate the 100th anni- cl Dl`0V0 exhibiting 0llditi0h$ ahd versarv of its organization with the ih fruit growers in all sections of the Cculcuuiul Fyuil Cuugl-CSS ul Sl rz state al` l1l`gd te tilkt? 3iVlhiig Louis. Missouri on February 17 18i Fl of the Opportunity te disrley their and ism. 1948 at the Jefferson alrter ti fruits in cerhpetitieh with the ether The Amerreh ieemeiegierri seereu? p lflllt g1`0Wl`$ Much Call be iai`hd is the oldest national agricultural C by the 0mPHli$0ll ef flliii ii`0m Ohh organization in the United States li 5tl0ll with that ii`0m 0ihi` $C and is devoted to the development l tl0ll$ of th'? $t3t A Stiggtistihh ih of the national fruit industry. The I those planning to exhibit fOl` tilt? State Horticultural Societiesiof Illi- til`$t til is te 3i`iiiiiY Pick their nois and Missouri will sponsor the h lll0$t Pl`fCt fYtiii$ With ih $iihS meeting with other affiliated state ll and carefully peek fer trdhsperte- seereus reeper-rrtrng. The National st iioh- Te make aiiihciivh exhibits- Apple Institute and National Peach ii fruit should be free of blemishes, Council will likely meet in eeii_ li of lVY8g $129 mid 0iOi` iOi` _ih nection with the centennial pro- S. Yl`l?tY ami es tihiihml es Phssihie gram, An outstanding program is J lll 5129, Shapti ahd COiOi` being planned that will be of na- O _____;i_ tional interest and there will also be a large group of commercial and . NEW TERRIQCED PEACH edtgationalf exhiitbits. A large at- il ORCHARDS r$$lr:ur tthOr?;;'*Fr~Oi Oli; L During the Summer and early fall the entire United States is antici- ti of 1946, rolling orchard sites were pzlted l terraced Orr the fruit farms or rr-arrk MPlielessi`E$tuley Jtlhhgtteriy ef the { Street, Henderson, and Roy Hoe- iC.igllh xpwimch hiiih i wischer, Paducah. The terrace lines il;l`_Sl_il?i ell we Ilgpst illdEl'Y l were surveyed ml staked Ott by m2'Es?`r?OB rt`sicr?$F.r-CiEE$Ii l elilgllleelis Wllll also helped Supch George(B. Leonard og, Louisville i Vlse Collslliuciloll ef the ii`i`hc$- and Frank T. Street of Henderson { Duiihg tht? iii`iY $Pl`ih these tW0 are on the Executive Committee. , sites were planted with peach trees located on top of the terraces. These QUARTERLY PUBLICATION l trees have now made their first . _ _ seasons growth. The soil Conserva- i Tllli Aglelilcll? POmlLlgl?al SOG? C tion Service and College of Agri- eziilggllvlndihg ..luu$;$i;%Cll;)3ili ~ eilgguigcgitielitg lll dtll'llllilg Pi0PCi iiogtieultural Digest" magazine. Up- i o- ate variet information is fur- Some earlier orchard terraeing in nished as wellyas many other items Graves county had the terraces too of horticultural interest. This maga- level, with_to0 few outlets. As a zine goes free to all American P0- result, drainage was very slow, mological Society members and can some soil water-logged and some be subscribed to by others. Corre- V trees were injured thereby. In lay- spondenee regarding this magazine . fi