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Image 6 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 5, December 1947

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

The fruit exhibit this year was ing out the new terraces in Hender- als! featured by fruit of very high quali- son and McCracken counties, the ty in all divisions and was fully engineers took these earlier experi- il up to standard in the apple, peach. ences into consideration and sup- and grape sections but entries of plied a greater fall to the terraces plums, P€8l`S, DHWPHWS, hiCk01`y as well as more frequent outlets to nuts, walnuts, and pecans were speed up water run-off. somewhat light. A' feature of the These interested in ieliuelng el._ SC 1947 exhibit was a display of com- el.l,u.d`slies uml Seiiln, iermeed O, ill mon fruit insect and disease in- i°_ _d end qi? . .t d .l` iii juries which enabled the general Cljll Simlijl OWL _ Oivlsl. all l"` hi public to identify tllle types of fruit Si°L°l L LSL lim ll°“ il allLlllgS· T injury OCC\.ll'1`iIlg at Omé. TLIE As conditions return more nearly . CONCR , , UIT · to normal, followirilg the war, it is " ksh antici ated that tie fruit exhibit · ·. . _ i will egpand materially in all classes. The Amcrlcml l’°‘“°l°g'°·‘l S°°l°l) F" The Fair Beard is edex>ei·etih2 with The American Prrmrrirrgaeai serie li all departments in order to itil- etv will celebrate the 100th anni- cl Dl`0V0 exhibiting €0llditi0h$ ahd versarv of its organization with the ih fruit growers in all sections of the Cculcuuiul Fyuil Cuugl-CSS ul Sl rz state al`€ l1l`g€d te tilkt? 3€iV€lhi€ig° Louis. Missouri on February 17 18i Fl of the Opportunity te disrley their and ism. 1948 at the Jefferson alrter ti fruits in cerhpetitieh with the ether The Amer—reh¤ ieemeiegierri seereu? p· lflllt g1`0W€l`$· Much Call be i€ai`h€d is the oldest national agricultural C· by the €0mPHl‘i$0ll ef flliii ii`0m Ohh organization in the United States li 5€€tl0ll with that ii`0m 0ih€‘i` $€C‘ and is devoted to the development l tl0ll$ of th'? $t3t€· A Stiggtistihh ih of the national fruit industry. The I those planning to exhibit fOl` tilt? State Horticultural Societiesiof Illi- til`$t ti¤l€ is te €3i`€iiiiiY Pick their nois and Missouri will sponsor the h lll0$t P€l`f€Ct fYtiii$ With ihé $i€ihS meeting with other affiliated state ll and carefully peek fer trdhsperte- seereués reeper-rrtrng. The National st iioh- Te make aiiihciivh exhibits- Apple Institute and National Peach ii fruit should be free of blemishes, Council will likely meet in eeii_ li of §lV€Y8g€ $129 mid €0iOi` iOi` _ih° nection with the centennial pro- S. Y¤l`l?tY» ami es tihiihml es Phssihie gram, An outstanding program is J lll 5129, Shapti ahd COiOi`· being planned that will be of na- O _____;i_ tional interest and there will also be a large group of commercial and . NEW TERRIQCED PEACH edtgationalf exhiitbits. A large at- il ORCHARDS r$$‘¤§l“°r:»u‘§r §t§t‘hO€£r?;;'*‘Fr~Oi§‘ Oli; L During the Summer and early fall the entire United States is antici- ti of 1946, rolling orchard sites were pzlted l terraced Orr the fruit farms or rr-arrk MPlieless¤i`E$t¤uley Jtlhhgtteriy ef the { Street, Henderson, and Roy Hoe- iC.igllh xpwimch hiiih i‘ wischer, Paducah. The terrace lines il;l`_€Sl_‘il?“i ell we Ilgpst €illdEl'Y· l were surveyed ml staked Ott by m2'E£€s?§`r‘?OB rt`sicr‘é?$F°.¥r-CiEE$I»i—‘ l elilgllleelis Wllll also helped Supch George(B. Leonard og, Louisville i Vlse Collslliuciloll ef the i€i`i`hc€$- and Frank T. Street of Henderson { Duiihg tht? €iii`iY $Pl`ih€ these tW0 are on the Executive Committee. , sites were planted with peach trees located on top of the terraces. These QUARTERLY PUBLICATION l trees have now made their first . _ _ season’s growth. The soil Conserva- i Tllli Aglelilcll? POm°lLlgl‘?al SOG? C tion Service and College of Agri- eziilggllvlndihg ..l§§u§u$;$i;%C§ll;)3ili ~ eilgguigcgitielitg lll d€t€ll'¤llllilg Pi0PCi iiogtieultural Digest" magazine. Up- i ·· o- ate variet information is fur- Some earlier orchard terraeing in nished as wellyas many other items Graves county had the terraces too of horticultural interest. This maga- level, with_to0 few outlets. As a zine goes free to all American P0- result, drainage was very slow, mological Society members and can some soil water-logged and some be subscribed to by others. Corre- V trees were injured thereby. In lay- spondenee regarding this magazine . fi