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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 5, December 1947

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

__ should be addressed to Wesley P. earliest inf~et' d th- Experiment Station, Woos- furnishing p0te(et]ihn. h]Vith thifslghgi n_i_ (1. 10- g1`Z1IT1, the disease has been virtual- nn, `""*- ly eliminated in a planting that suf- ees BlTTER,.R()T QF APPLES fered serious losses before this pro- t . . c t t . 0 B1h";`t of *11l$ ufaag Caused Blorticiidthced first bitter rot t serious oss in - t k ~ ` O 8D- *;' orchards in vviclelid isle-pai;it(eId use; pu"' catch y"r?CCu"$ lh Oh O1`T81 9* tions in 1947. 'I`oo many growers who tm amd thc d1$O<'1$ Spreads from 111- have had losses from this disease in th"?-_ The 1`OFOOVBI of such trees former years wait until they see 11215, 111 Scvcral cases, completely I, the first disclased spots on the fruits Solved the bittfir-10t problem. >e orc sar ing specia bitter-rot __________ sprays. It has been proven, time ;fter time, that in b d b'tt - t RED STELE 1tZ~' year the disease caiilnotl be Lliglfgd A Serious Stmwbou. Disease oon after it ehas developed far enoiigh to y ann cause visable spots on the fruit. The BY W. D. ARMSTRONG me incubation period of this disease is _ 5i_ rather longtlhence, by the time hi%nRi?cct1 wot >1b<{1Ss 18_ spots are visible many other infec- th So.wb,.r a SluS pm E?} m itel. tions have started and sprays are of mjnoie Neg; `glgegclgd fcnflqs lcty powerles to stop them, li c * .- _ Jun can bc ciipcctpd OM r m` ber off other states. Kentucky_gr0w- _ _ l D _ _ 117 ers hay e been very fortunate in that LC? fcctions and not to stop infections losses from this disease have been TESC that l1i1\' alrcady started. relatively light, to date. The writer mn For this reason, where bitter-rot 11151 Saw the diseasg 111 an Aroma me has been serious, special bordeaux Rcmihpadutcah gl the Spring Of tore mixture sprays of 4-6-100 or 8-10-100 no CYS mw eniy Cmp was L et., U sh _ ) _) planted on this same field _1n 1944 ?&l ;r}iii1ir;i `CSCE? 21L},fT`rl`r 5iL}El gpg gg; 3g;gig;;g?;5 ggggsinbg be late May in southwestern and {ow otno,. born}. holds in tho Pa_ _` southeastern Kentucky and early dnonn Soonon ond at Lexington in lngb JUDC ll'1 CHl.l`3l, I`lOI`l.l`1Cl`Il. Und IlOl`l.ll- and is Sugpgctgd {O be Spygad stern Kentucky. - ii in i' d 1. CIN l more genera 5 an is rea 1Z . 253 Several new materials are show- The disease is caused by a fungus on ing some promise in bitter-rot con- that thrives in poorly drained soils ne- trol; however. nothing to date is 11116 @11595 111OSt 111l1`Y in COOL Wt Dyer showing Q geneiei impimemeni seasons. The disease is often carried tici- over fresh bordeaux mixture made to the hcw field Oh the TOOLS of the up *1 mc mk by Gt M1 il?-"liQ.iiE.*"i1?}5;.*u.$ifi.p$5fl tho Copper sulfate (bluestone), fresh ` _ * . '_ _ is hydrated lime, and water. Eithcr or gzorliynszaltinaiggeqggglbsngligt Imgei SEE; r gmth arsgnate Oslcad ahd DDT Cs}1 in high. well-drained soil, infected HW 10 com ined with bordeaus mis- ninnts may develop neonny runner Vm ture to form a combination codling plants end grew into ei productive mm {11031 and bitter-ron spegy. Hoivever. field, However. if the soil lis low, x nor eauxmixturesrou not eused poorly drained or of a tig t, wet C with a nicotine spray schedule be- nature or if a wet, cool spring fol- Q cause it releases the nicotine fumes. 1O\\'$ the 11OW Patch 1haY gow mc' - , ,- ly the first season and t en go to ><1- r mxerthigedilticgimiiidr}p%iiIi;i1i;$i gggicss sgtgr thc ft{g1gaSggg s _bi- _ j is con r ron prevai e in e - I nl has been controlled for the last nom figld of Blokemoi-es in the pe, Z1 tt . . 1 , . , . Up- Shwla tems Oh the Malden Blush duealr-Kevil section in 1947 and the fur- laugty bYtt11`cc O1`_fOU1` V1`y 81`lY entire crop was lost except OI'1 8 toms $D1`b'S Startmg with the second high ridge down the center of the agen O0\cr, consisting of weak_bordeaux field. po_ _ 2~6-100 strength eombmed with The trouble usually becomes no- con 2 gallon of summer oil and 4 pounds ticeoble just before harvest. The n.1.o_ of Hl`SCl1HtC of lead. This is based symptoms are low. small. light fQl1 lzino O11 the theory of preventing even the ago that often wilts as thc bclr1S 7 _: -_~ o _ V V o Y i 4 ` I fo