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Image 7 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 5, December 1947

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

__ should be addressed to Wesley P. earliest inf~et' · · d th-· Experiment Station, Woos- furnishing p§0te(et]ihn. h]Vith thifslghgi n_i_ (1. 10- g1`Z1IT1, the disease has been virtual- nn, “`“""‘*‘··“—-—‘ ly eliminated in a planting that suf- ees BlTTER,.R()T QF APPLES fered serious losses before this pro- t . . ··c ·t· t . 0 B1h°"‘;`°t of *‘1°1’l“$ ufaag Caused Blorticiidthced first bitter rot t serious oss in - t ·k ~ `· O 8D- °*;' orchards in vviclelid isle-pai·;it(eId use; pu"' catch y““"r‘?CCu"$ lh Oh€ O€1`T81¤ 9* tions in 1947. 'I`oo many growers who tm amd thc d1$O<'¤1$€ Spreads from 111- have had losses from this disease in th"?-_ The 1`OFOOVBI of such trees former years wait until they see 11215, 111 Scvcral cases, completely I, the first disclased spots on the fruits Solved the bittfir-1“0t problem. >e orc sar ing specia bitter-rot __________ sprays. It has been proven, time ;fter time, that in b d b'tt - t RED STELE 1€tZ~' year the disease caiilnotl be Lliglfgd A Serious Stmwbou. Disease oon after it ehas developed far enoiigh to y ann cause visable spots on the fruit. The BY W. D. ARMSTRONG me incubation period of this disease is _ 5i_ rather longtlhence, by the time h£i§%nR°i?cc§t€1° wot ¤>1b<{1S€¤s·¤ 18_ spots are visible many other infec- thé So.§wb€,.r a S€l§uS· pm E?} m itel. tions have started and sprays are of mjnoie Neg; `glgegclgéd fcnflqs lcty powerles‘ to stop them, li c · * .- ’ _ Jun can bc ciipcctpd OM r m` ber off other states. Kentucky_gr0w- “_ _ l D _ _ 117 ers hay e been very fortunate in that LC? fcctions and not to stop infections losses from this disease have been TESC that l1i1\'€ alrcady started. relatively light, to date. The writer mn For this reason, where bitter-rot 11151 Saw the diseasg 111 an Aroma me has been serious, special bordeaux Rcmihpadutcah gl the Spring Of tore mixture sprays of 4-6-100 or 8-10-100 ‘ ‘· no CYS mw eniy Cmp was L et., U sh _ · ) _) planted on this same field _1n 1944 ?§&l ;»r}€iii1ir·;i `CSCE? 2§1L},f“T`rl`r§ 5§i§L‘}El gpg gg; 3g¤;gig¤;;·¤g?;’5 ggggsinbg be late May in southwestern and {ow otno,. born}. holds in tho Pa_ · _` southeastern Kentucky and early dnonn Soonon ond at Lexington in lngb JUDC ll'1 C€Hl.l`3l, I`lOI`l.l`1Cl`Il. Und IlOl`l.ll- and is Sugpgctgd {O be Spygad ‘ stern Kentucky. - — ii · in ‘ i' d 1. CIN l more genera 5 an is rea 1Z€ . 253 Several new materials are show- The disease is caused by a fungus on ing some promise in bitter-rot con- that thrives in poorly drained soils ne- trol; however. nothing to date is 11116 @11595 111OSt 111l¤1`Y in COOL Wét Dyer showing Q geneiei impi·m·emeni seasons. The disease is often carried tici- over fresh bordeaux mixture made to the hcw field Oh the TOOLS of the up *1 mc mk by Gt M1 il?-"”liQ.»iiE.*"i1‘?}5;“.¥*u.$i§fi.§p$5§fl tho Copper sulfate (bluestone), fresh ` _ * . '_ · _ is hydrated lime, and water. Eithcr or gzorliynszaltinaiggeqggglbsngligt Iémgei SEE; r gmth arsgnate Oslcad ahd DDT Cs}1 in high. well-drained soil, infected HW 10 com ined with bordeaus mis- ninnts may develop neonny runner Vmé ture to form a combination codling plants end grew into ei productive mm {11031 and bitter-ron spegy. Hoivever. field, However. if the soil lis low, x nor eauxmixturesrou not eused poorly drained or of a tig t, wet ‘C‘ with a nicotine spray schedule be- nature or if a wet, cool spring fol- Q cause it releases the nicotine fumes. 1O\\'$· the 11OW Patch 1haY gow mc€' - , ,- ly the first season and t en go to ><¤1¤- r mxerthigedilticgimiiidr£}§p%iiIi;i—1i;$i gggicss sgtgr thc f¤t{¤g1¤gaS§gg¤g· s _bi’- _‘ j is con r ron prevai e in e - I nl has been controlled for the last nom figld of Blokemoi-es in the pe, Z1 tt . . 1 , . , . Up- Shwla tems Oh the Malden Blush duealr-Kevil section in 1947 and the fur- laugty bYtt11`cc O1`_fOU1` V€1`y €81`lY entire crop was lost except OI'1 8 toms $D1`¤b'S Startmg with the second high ridge down the center of the agen O0\’cr, consisting of weak_bordeaux field. po_ _ 2~6-100 strength eombmed with The trouble usually becomes no- con 2 gallon of summer oil and 4 pounds ticeoble just before harvest. The n.1.o_ of Hl`SCl1HtC of lead. This is based symptoms are low. small. light fQl1· lzino O11 the theory of preventing even the ago that often wilts as thc bcl‘r1€’S 7 _: -_~ o _ V V o Y i 4 ` I fo