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6 > Image 6 of Basketball, 1993

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

Media Information TELEPHONES A limited number of telephones is available in the Rupp Arena media room. Newspapers and radio stations desiring their own private lines, to be installed either on press row or in the media room, should contact GTE at (606) 223-9422. INTERVIEW POLICIES GENERAL All interviews with University of Kentucky basketball players or coaches must be arranged through the Sports Communications office. The Wildcat Lodge living quarters is a private team area. Absolutely no media members are permitted in this area at any time. COVERING PRACTICE In general, UK basketball practices are closed. Some exceptions are made one day prior to games. Player interviews may be conducted 30 minutes prior to practices the day before games. Coach Pitino meets with members of the media 15 minutes prior to those practices. MEDIA LUNCHEONS Coach Pitino will conduct several media luncheons throughout the season at Wildcat Lodge. Contact the Sports Communications office for a complete schedule and details. RADIO CALL-IN SHOWS As specified by the Southeastern Conference, no players will be allowed to participate in radio call-in shows. Coach Pitino may not participate in any radio show other than those specified in his contract. TELEPHONE PLAYER INTERVIEWS Request telephone interviews at least 24 hours in advance through the Sports Communications office. Telephone requests will be returned during the 30-minute block of time before practices one day prior to games. POSTGAME INTERVIEWS Following each game, there will be a 25-minute cooling- off period, during which time the players will shower and dress. Approximately 10 minutes after the game ends, Coach Pitino will conduct his postgame press conference. A player will also be taken to the UK Radio Network. Following Coach Pitino's press conference and the cooling-off period, the UK lockerroom will be open to all members of the media for 15 minutes. Rupp Arena Diagram Media Information