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155 > Page 155 of Battle of freedom : including seven letters on religious liberty, addressed to Bishop Spalding / by S.H. Ford.

POWERS OF THE POPE. the allegiance of subjects and citizens. We need not go to ancient records to prove it. We need not seek examples in the distant past to illustrate it. In our own day, and on our own continent, has the attempt to exercise it been witnessed. When the republic of New Grenada nobly abolished Church tithes, established free schools, and attempted to separate Church and State, the present Pontiff hurled his bull against that republic. Here is his language: "We disapprove of all those things which have been done by the rulers of the republic, against the religion, the Church and her laws, pastors and ministers, andl against the rights and authority of MAi8 chair of blessed Ureter. We raising, with apos- tolic liberty, our pastoral voice, in this your most illustrious assembly, do cen8ure, condemn, and declare utterly null and void, all the aforesaid decree8, which have, so much to the contempt of the ecclesiastical authority of this holy see, and to the loss and detriment of religion and of the holy prelates, BEEN THERE FNAcUED BY THE CIVIL POWER.' Here the enactments of the civil power are by the Pope annulled by the raising of his pastoral voice ; and you will tell us that the Pope claims no temporal power, nor right to interfere with indepen- (lent governments. Evade the question of the temporal plower you may. In ambiguous terms you may deny it; but, in the language of Browuson, "it will ever loom up," in its stern and withering aspect, and in direct contradiction to your evasions, will it thunder its arrogant and dangerous claim and denials, will it thunder to unrivalled and ani- versal supremacy and power. Heard with submis- sive awe in other lalnrls. it is hiwhed here, Neeanue its 155